Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all EQ products are COSMEBIO or COSMOS certified by the official ECOCERT body. If the formula of our Sun Sticks is validated according to the specifications of ecological and organic cosmetics, due to the non-recyclability of the packaging, they cannot be certified organic by ECOCERT.

All our cosmetics, care, beauty, well-being and sunscreen products are made in France, in the Paris region and in the South West. Only Earplugs earplugs are made in the Spanish Basque Country.

In compliance with European regulations and in accordance with our values, none of our products are tested on animals. Moreover, we do our best to offer products with vegan formulas. Only some products contain beeswax (cera alba).

All products are dermatologically tested. No tests are performed on animals.

The Sun Protection Index, or "Sun Protection Factor" (SPF) measures how long a person can be exposed to the sun without their skin turning red. The higher the SPF, the longer the protection.

This is how the sun protection factor is calculated:

An SPF 30 sunscreen protects against 97% of UVB rays. This means that someone who uses SPF 30 sunscreen can spend 30 times longer in the sun without their skin turning red than someone who doesn't.

An SPF 50 sunscreen protects against 98% of UVB rays. This means that someone who uses SPF 50 sunscreen can spend 50 times longer in the sun without their skin turning red than someone who doesn't.

It is important to note that the sun protection factor does not measure protection against UVA rays, which are responsible for aging of the skin. For complete protection, our entire solar range protects against both UVB and UVA rays.

The choice between sun stick and sunscreen depends on your personal preferences and sun protection needs. There are a few differences:

Texture: Sun sticks generally have a stronger texture and are easier to apply to hard-to-reach areas, such as the ears and nose. Sunscreens have a creamier texture and are easier to spread over large areas.

Coverage: Sun creams generally cover the skin better than sun sticks because they are easier to spread and distribute evenly over the skin.

Portability: Sun sticks are easier to carry in a purse or pocket, as they are smaller and lighter than sun creams.

Choice of protection factor: sun sticks generally have a lower protection factor than sun creams. All EQ sun sticks have a high protection factor SPF50+

All our sun products are water resistant and therefore sweat and water resistant. They are all compatible with sports, whether on water or snow for example.

All EQ sunscreen products are formulated with mineral filters

Chemical sunscreens are ingredients that absorb UV rays and turn them into heat, while mineral sunscreens act as a physical barrier by reflecting and reflecting UV rays away from the skin.

If chemical sunscreens generally have a lighter texture and easier to spread on the skin, mineral sunscreens tend to be thicker and take longer to spread but they guarantee better protection.

Mineral sunscreens are healthier for the human body and more ecological because they are not absorbed by the skin and are not present in surface waters, helping to preserve the marine environment.

There are several reasons why it can be beneficial to use an after-sun milk:

Hydration: Sun exposure can dehydrate the skin and cause tightness and redness. An after-sun milk can help deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, which can help prevent these inconveniences.

Calms and Soothes Skin: Sun exposure can irritate skin and cause redness. An after-sun milk can help calm and soothe the skin due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Slows skin aging: Sun exposure can accelerate skin aging by causing DNA damage to cells. An after-sun milk can help protect the skin against this damage and slow down skin aging.

Promotes tanning: by moisturizing and nourishing the skin, an after-sun milk can help prolong and improve the tan.

By using an after-sun milk, you can help protect and nourish your skin after sun exposure, which can help maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

There are several differences between moisturizing milks and moisturizing creams:

Texture: moisturizing milks generally have a lighter and more fluid texture than moisturizing creams, which makes them easier to spread and absorb into the skin. Moisturizers have a thicker, richer texture, which may be more suitable for dry or very dehydrated skin.

Penetration: moisturizing milks generally penetrate the skin more easily than moisturizing creams because they have a lighter texture. This can be beneficial for oily skin which tends to be more sensitive to heavy products.

Hydration: moisturizers tend to hydrate the skin longer and deeper than moisturizers, as they have a richer, more nourishing texture. This can be beneficial for dry or very dehydrated skin that needs intense hydration.

Ultimately, the choice between a moisturizer and a moisturizer comes down to personal preference and hydration needs. If you have dry or very dehydrated skin, a moisturizer may be a better option. If you have normal to oily skin, a moisturizer can be a good alternative.

All our products are made from natural organic ingredients and/or from organic farming. They are made without using harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, phthalates or synthetics. They contain no controversial chemical ingredients and are healthy for the body and the planet.

The UVA/UVB filters contained in our sunscreens are 100% mineral filters, so no, they do not contain octocrylene which is a chemical fliter.

Our sun care products, creams, milks and sun sticks are non-comedogenic. Cosmetic beauty treatments containing certain vegetable oils and other natural ingredients can however be comedogenic, on different scales.

Yes, all our products are mixed.

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