10 beauty tips for running enthusiasts by Lucile Woodward

10 beauty tips for running enthusiasts by Lucile Woodward

We often spend a lot of time (and money) on our gear, our connected app and our training programme before we start running for the first time or before we start getting even more serious about it. Why not pick up some beauty tips so you look after yourself too with every running session?

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On the release of her new programme “Run 10K in under an hour”, we wanted to find out more about Lucile Woodward's beauty regime before, during and after her running sessions.

1. Lucile, are you a fan of no make-up or do you wear waterproof make-up?

Before running, it's always no make-up! Anyway, I'm not very keen on make-up. Just a little mascara will do. But I must admit, if I'm running at the end of the day and was wearing make-up... I don't always think to take it off... That's bad!

2. Do you use a special product on your face every time you go running?

I put on sun cream if I'm going running, summer and winter, even when there's clouds, even when I'm running in the shade of trees in the woods near me! My dermatologist advised me to do that. Because sport also produces free radicals that get added to those from the sun. The result is that your skin gets weakened from doing outdoors sports, so you have to protect it with anti-UV cream, a good diet and the cold cream I discovered 2 years ago. I apply it when it gets really cold (5°C and under). I also put it on my hands that are very sensitive to the harshness of winter. It stops you getting chapped hands like crocodile skin ;)


3.  What hairstyle do you prefer for running?

A ponytail with a good hairband... but often it comes out... because I've got very fine hair... if you have a solution, tell me!

4. And what do you do after running?

Shower, big glass of water, Marseilles soap (The real thing! My skin reacts to all shower gels!), shampoo and nourishing hair oil.

5. Do you take the time to properly moisturise your body and face?

On my face: always moisturiser. Of a serum + super rich cream type. On my body... Um, if I have time.

6. Do you massage your legs to help with your warm-up, or for recovery?

Before I exert myself, I sometimes do a massage using massage oil, but only when it's really cold.

After exertion, I'm always "hotter" than "cold". So I prefer recovery cream, hot water bottles and hot baths.

7. Hair: are you more inclined to simply rinse your hair so you don't stress it by washing it every day with shampoo.

I wash my hair around every two days. So I'm careful to use very mild shampoo. I use EQ sulfate-free shampoo especially when I do water sports, like on my surfing week where I'm rinsing/washing my hair almost twice a day!

8. Have you got any special routine for looking after your feet after a run?

I'm quite prone to foot mycosis ;-) So I really do have to dry my feet off very carefully indeed after every shower! Then I moisturise my feet and at least once a week I apply an anti-fungal nail cream to prevent mycosis, etc. Sorry, not super glamorous but sport is sometimes hardcore ;-)

9. Secret tip:

My lips are very sensitive so I apply lip balm every time I go out, often with a shea butter or cold cream base, directly on my lips.

10. The miracle beauty tip for when you're running:

Water! DRINK water before, during and after your sport. Dehydration is one of the main causes of skin ageing!



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