How to choose his longboard fins?

How to choose his longboard fins?

Choosing the right longboard fins

You just bought a brand new longboard freshly made, you cannot wait for it to make him taste the fresh European water and already a problem appears: what fin should I take and if I have already one, what is it really for?


dérive longboard

True aquatic technology, this little piece of resin located at the back of your board is mainly at the origin of the behavior of a board on a wave. The choice and understanding is not to be taken lightly.


These tips have to be applied according to each profiles and styles of surfers.

dérive longboard


The base

The fins base whether in longboard or shortboard is the place where the speed is created. A wide base allows generating speed but lowers maneuverability. Therefore, a narrow base will have a pivotal effect: very maneuverable board but less handling speed.

surf longboard

When for you the goal is to run on the nose to stay as much as possible, consider a broad base as your best friend to chain these maneuvers without losing balance. If you are more player and you want it to move, get a rather narrow drift at the base.

longboard dérive

The inclination

The sweep of the drift is another criterion to take into account when choosing your fin. This shape ensures and starts the process of turns. To make it short, the more this inclination will be important, the more you will have the ability to turn the power of your legs into endless turns. In contrast, a very straight drift will be more incisive and responsive, no need to force too hard to move the board at the risk of losing grip.

surf longboard

Again, these instructions must be put in context, this choice will depend on the physical strength, weight and experience of each. For a light person who has surfed for a long time in nose ride, no need to go for the maximum inclination and an excessive base.

The height


Ensures the stability and the maintenance of the board, the height makes it possible to define the grip of your machine.

Hauteur dérive


A noserider will move faster to a high drift height while a more player surfer will have more fun with a smaller fin size.

The position

Easy to move and not to underestimate, the position of the Single End acts on the entire style of surfing. The more the drift is advanced, the more the board will be manageable; the further the drift is, the more grip you will have.

Position dérive

Again the noseride will be more akin to a remote position and reactivity to the front of the case (towards the nose).

Very good ride to all

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