Heading to Costa Rica and Santa Teresa Beach

Heading to Costa Rica and Santa Teresa Beach

Discover this dream destination and its surf spot of Santa Teresa

There is a multitude of surf spots in the world, offering waves of all kinds for all levels. Today, the EQ team makes you discover a mythical surf spot of Central America: Santa Teresa in Costa Rica. 

A few words about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country that distinguishes itself from its neighbors by the quality of its surfing conditions, the dynamics of sustainable tourism, its overflowing biodiversity with nearly a million different species, and its Pura Vida (a way of life based on the simplicity and happiness that daily life brings).

Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations for nature lovers and sportsmen. It is preferred by tourists during the dry season (from December to April) because during the rainy season, the Caribbean coast is more moist and the swell more capricious.

Santa Teresa Beach

Santa Teresa Beach is located in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, on the Pacific coast of the country, between Playa Carmen and Playa Hermosa. Spread over more than 6 kilometers, these three beaches offer waves for all levels: beginners will prefer the small waves of Playa Carmen, while the more experienced will want to compete against the barrels of Santa Teresa Beach.

The Nicoya Peninsula with its dry climate enjoys the influence of the Pacific Ocean. Thus, it is a region with strong sunshine and high temperatures throughout the year. Whatever the month of the year, it is possible to surf in boardshorts and lycra in waters of 25 degrees or more. But beware of the sun, don't forget to protect your skin with a Sunscreen SPF50!


Santa Teresa beach is a beach break with flat rocks and sand, which offers fast, powerful and hollow rights and lefts waves. Much awaited for its barrels, this spot known in the whole world is a popular destination which stays accessible (the spot is not saturated with surfers). Unlike the rest of the country, Santa Teresa offers quality waves even during the rainy season thanks to its location.

For optimal surfing, choose days with a west wind, a northwest, west or southwest swell and a mid or low tide. This spot starts to work at 1m/1.5m and holds up to 2m and more.

Santa Teresa is the number one surfing destination in Central America and is undoubtedly in the top 10 for surfers around the world.

Costa Rica honored by EQ

At EQ we offer 100% plant-based wax Scented Candles featuring the best surf spots in the world. We present today our Santa Teresa Costa Rica Candle, designed to highlight this mythical surf spot in Central America. 

Pour chaque bougie parfumée, nous avons opté pour une cire 100% végétale ainsi qu’un packaging recyclable et réutilisable dans un objectif de respect de l’environnement. Les senteurs ont été sélectionnées pour vous emmener dans un voyage sensoriel aux quatre coins du monde.

For each scented candle, we have opted for a 100% vegetable wax as well as a recyclable and reusable packaging with the aim of respecting the environment. The scents have been selected to take you on a sensory journey all around the world.

Our Santa Teresa Costa Rica Scented Candle is inspired by the biodiversity and landscapes of the country: 

  • For the heart : fresh notes of bamboo and ocean mist in the heart 
  • Notes of Water Lily, and Jungle Foliage ofr the head
  • Patchouli notes in the base

By lighting your Santa Teresa Costa Rica Candle, the sensations of the Santa Teresa Beach will embalm your interior and transport you to its beautiful white sand beaches and powerful waves. 

Costa Rica is a dream destination that offers jewels to preserve. It is important to respect places, the people and the biodiversity of the country if we want to preserve the natural beauty of this destination. 

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