Breathing dreams like air

Breathing dreams like air

What if your dreams (really) come true?

Today we offer to help you implement your projects, your goals and your wildest dreams.

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New year, new resolutions. More often than not, they have already been forgotten by the end of Jaunary… due to a lack of real focus. Today we are offering to help you implement your wildest projects, goals and dreams. How can we identify them? How do we achieve them? Simpler than it seems, its all a matter of identification and visualisation!

Start by identifying what you like.

In a notebook, write down 20 things that you love, that bring you a sense of well-being and happiness.

Once identified, ask yourself this question: when was the last time you did these 20 things? You will no doubt realise that you do not devote sufficient time to things that you really like.

So start by finding out how to do more things that you enjoy.

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Next, identify your strengths.

Try to answer the following questions by writing down everything that comes into your head:

  • What do your loved ones like most in your home?
  • What have you learned from a time when you failed?
  • What would you like to be better at?
  • What do you like at home?


Think about what makes you really happy, and where your gifts lie.

Use this reflection as the starting point from which to set your dreams and goals. 

Your dreams must be:

  • Personal : These are your projects, speak in the singular and express your dreams in an positive manner.
  • Positive: see the glass as half full! Your goals must make you happy. For example, rather than putting yourself down by saying, "I am going to stop smoking", talk about the matter from a positive perspective, stating: ' I will save €20 for my next holiday.
  • Achievable: Describe the biggest dreams (tour the world, buy a house??) in steps, which will help you to realise them. Set smaller, yet progressive goals, which will allow you to remain motivated.
  • Measurable: Define a deadline for your various projects. Once the deadline has passed, remember to celebrate the success of your project (e.g. I will take my partner on a surprise weekend away before September, I will finish my yoga instructor training before June)


Once you have identified your goals, put together your "Vision Board", or visualisation table. 

As the name suggests, this groups together a series of images, quotes and inspirations that reflect the projects, dreams or objectives that you hold close to your heart. It is based on the idea that visual representation of a goal facilitates its fulfilment.

The idea is thus is to create a motivational and effective vision board, which will allow you to realise the dreams that you have holding onto for so many years, without taking the time to reflect on how to make them reality.

vision board

Once your support is chosen (wall opposite your desk, your wallpaper, a notice board in the kitchen…), check out Pinterest and its countless sources of inspiration! Cast your eye over the EQ table, which is bursting with inspiring ideas! You can also browse magazines, or express your artistic talents by drawing your inspirations. There are no precise rules when it comes to creating a board vision. The important this is that it makes you feel good and brings you positive energy.

vision board

Your vision board can contain ambiances that you like according to season (cocooning/cosy/summer vibes etc.), and a mix of more concrete projects (begin running/meditating/surfing/compiling photo albums of your latest trips, making a tour of the world, undergoing training in order to change jobs etc)

Display your vision board where you will see it every day. Do not hesitate to capture it in a photo so that you can take it everywhere and can have a look at any moment. The more you look at it, the more it will become etched on your subconscious, thus ensuring that you achieve the goals on your vision board.

You can create and update your vision board throughout the year. It can be changed depending on the season, or based on its new projects. Once the goals have been achieved, you can easily change the visuals for new aspirations.


However, be careful not to set too many goals, at the risk of getting lost and failing to focus on the essentials. Step by step, one dream after another… try to choose a theme per vision board. And hold on to it! Too many goals will be detrimental to your effectiveness in achieving them.

It is also important to visualise the achievement of the final goal during key intermediate steps. Before launching into creating your vision board, cut out your main theme in a few key steps. For example, if your main goal is to open a café, key steps will be, for example: find a premises, draw up menus, choose the name of the café,take out a loan with the bank…

The choice of images from your vision board is very important: they need to talk to you serve as a source of inspiration, their vision must provoke a trigger and serve a motivation for change.

Be creative, and take pleasure in putting together your vision board!

Share your dreams, and thus  increase your chances of realising them. Send your projects, dreams, objectives or vision boards for 2019 to the following address:  and share them on your instagram account, tagging @eql0ve #dreamingwithEQ.

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