Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation
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EQ teams up with Studio des Embruns to offer a spring guided meditation on happiness, to access to let go and to wellness differ

A chaque nouvelle saison, une nouvelle opportunité d’instaurer le changement dans son quotidien s’offre à nous. EQ s’associe au Studio des Embruns pour proposer à l’occasion du printemps une méditation guidée sur le thème du bonheur, pour s’ouvrir au lâcher prise et accéder au bien-être autrement.

What does it mean to be happy? Have you ever asked yourself? Do you really know your answer?

I offer you a meditation to connect you to yourself and more specifically your heart, to become aware of what this concept evokes for you, and offer you some minutes of serenity.

This meditation can take 10 minutes or 30, or even more.

Guided Meditation

Take the time you need, and enjoy the moment!

• Get comfortable (on a chair, cross-legged, lying down…) and close your eyes.

• Inhale deeply through your nose, exhale through your mouth and release all tension in your body (face, neck, shoulders, back…). Repeat at least 3 times, or more if you feel you need to.

• Then settle into your practice, ignoring noises around you, and observe what is happening inside you. To do this, observe your breathing: be aware of the fresh air entering through your nostrils, the warm air that comes out, the parts of your body that move in time with your breath.

• Stay here for a few moments, observing your breathing until you feel at peace inside.

When you are ready, ask yourself what your definition of happiness is. Take what comes into your mind as it comes: words, thoughts, images, memories, feelings, sensations…all without trying to think, analyse, or intellectualise. Let your heart speak for you.

Then ask yourself the question: how can you bring a little more happiness into your daily life? Here too, let the answers come to you, without judgment.

• Bring your attention to Ahanata, your heart chakra. Feel a gentle warmth here, or visualise a light. As your answers to “How can I bring a little more happiness into my daily life?” become more precise, refined, let them infuse you by imagining that this heat or light at the level of your heart is growing. Let it radiate through your chest, your body, extending even beyond yourself.

• Keep your attention on your heart chakra, and visualise your definition of happiness. It can be a memory, a project, the presence of people who are dear to you, a landscape…whatever you want. Feel free to fill in details during your visualisation, to be precise. Bring a light smile to your face or in your heart and observe the feelings and sensations that emerge. Let yourself be cradled, enfolded by them. Let them infuse in the deepest parts of yourself, anchoring in your heart and cells.

• Continue your visualisation as long as you wish; you can accompany it with this mantra that will amplify your energies and intentions.

• When you would like to, you can leave your meditation. Take time to do this, keep your eyes closed, and start by taking some deep breaths, moving your fingers/toes. Be aware of the boundaries of your body, then of your surroundings, the noises around you. And finally, when you’re ready, you can gently re-open your eyes.

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