Extra Cold Weather Beauty Tips from the Pink Pack crew

Extra Cold Weather Beauty Tips from the Pink Pack crew
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Travelling and keeping a healthy routine - Tips from EQ

The Pink Pack team gives us all its beauty tips for the winter!

Pink Pack is a community of SuperWomen who love extreme sports, water, snow, being energetic, meditating, yoga and caipirinhas. They organise events and short breaks away between the beach and the mountains all year round. They exclusively reveal for all EQ lovers their beauty tips for the winter cold, snow and sunlight:



Beauty tips…

Pour le visage, après une longue session sous la neige ou en plein soleil sur les cîmes:


I spend the winter in the mountains and I snowboard almost every day. I've thought up great skincare regime to keep me going through the harsh winter months so I don't have to touch up my wrinkles with Photoshop! Two years ago, I changed my skincare regime so I now only use products that are 100% organic.

-Before snowboarding: I alternate between micellar water and Melvita rose hip oil to start with, and then Florame eye cream and Avene cold cream because it's both incredibly rich and really protects my skin. I finish with a layer of EQ Love factor 50 sun care stick on my nose, chin, and cheeks.  I also take an incredibly practical combistick with me in my pocket in case I need to do any retouches. It's the same for my lips - I bring a nourishing Welada balm with me in case of bad weather. If it's sunny, I mix it with EQ sunscreen.

- After snowboarding (and showering!) if my skin feels dry, I put another layer of cold cream on and massage it for five minutes to relax! I try to keep hydrated to let my skin breathe and apply balm on my lips if needed.

  Momo :

If you want to be beautiful, cleanse, tone and moisturise, girls!

Morning and night, cleanse with (organic) rose oil... it's softer than the hard water in Montpellier and even gentler than micellar water. It hydrates, doesn't irritate sensitive skin (e.g. skin that's been exposed to sun, seawater, wind, cold... ) and it tones the outer layer of skin, the epidermis. Excellent!  When I remember, I put the bottle in the fridge (now that I have one) to help perk up my skin even more.

My favourite is the De Saint Hilaire rose water.

Once is all you need for maximum hydration. (I do this because I hear 'Oh but your wrinkles aren't set into the skin, they're just there because you're dehydrated!)

Another organic product we're absolutely in love with is Dr Hauschka rose day cream. Not the lighter version, the stronger version that 'protects dry, sensitive skin that is prone to redness'. It's worth reapplying moisturiser at night as well. I make a face mask with emollient cream moisturisers (you can find them in the pharmacy).

For your hands, when leaving a stand up paddleboarding session in January or after a day of perfecting a kicker

Mel :

I never think about this sort of thing! So I scatter them around my home in lots of different places to remind me :) I use a cream with a base of argan and shea oil, ricin oil, and pure argan oil.  I put them on the coffee table, in the bathroom and my nightstand so I'm sure to come across them at some point in the day!

 Mag :

For hands and lips I've got a kit full of organic products so I can make my own. I've chosen allantoin (healing and regenerating), shea butter and coconut oil (highly nourishing) and Vitamin E (antioxidant and fights against premature skin ageing). You can find all these recipes and ingredients on the web or in an organic shop.

 Momo :

My worst nightmare is having cold hands.

I have bad circulation. So in the time it takes for blood to arrive at the end of my (very long) arms to warm them up, I've tried everything: putting my hands on a radiator or stove, or passing them under boiling water... 

My motto is PREVENTION - so I ski with under-gloves, and I also have heaters, mittens and a goose-down duvet.

And if my skin still feels tight... try the Body Shop's Wild Rose hand cream that combines hydration with SPF15 UVA/UVB skin protection.

blog1 blog1  For the body, intensive tanners and winter sun all contribute to the dreaded scaly crocodile skin. 

Mel :

Moisturising your body is even worse than your hands! Taking the time to moisturise is really important, but I often do it after showering (while I'm playing with my cat). But I'm lazy, so I tend to be part of the camp that maintains that hydration from the inside is more important! So I drink water! I've always got a 75cl bottle with me, either at home or one that I take with me to the mountains. I fill it up twice a day, I add a few drops of lemon juice to make it taste nicer and with a few mugs of tea, I've drunk all I need. If you don't usually drink a lot of fluid, it's not easy to imagine drinking that much but it works brilliantly! I never feel like I have scaly crocodile skin! At its worst, especially in summer, I use a rich shea and honey butter cream.

 Nana :

You'll love Vahiné tanning lotion

 To prepare for your next trip on a sandy beach, or to make your tan last from Christmas holidays under the sun: the golden rules are exfoliation and hydration. Here's a ritual to integrate into your monthly routine with a home-made skincare recipe:

 Maya the Bee recipe: 1/3 honey, 1/3 white sugar and 1/3 vegetable oil (e.g. argan, jojoba, olive...)

 Beachy Recipe: coarse sea salt and sweet almond oil

 Mag :

For a healthy glow and a great complexion, make the same mix that Nana described, to which you can add the EQ self-tanner that will make your summer last even longer. Apply evenly to unbroken and moisturised skin (avoid this lotion if you have really dry skin). A healthy glow is guaranteed!

I've only been using organic shea butter on my lips, hands and body. It nourishes the skin and helps improve the appearance of blemishes, perfect for winter or when you're getting out of the water - and it smells amazing!

I use the pure version on my body, or you can find organic skincare products using shea butter with sesame oil, for example.

For your hair which is really tested to its limit with various hats, helmets, and winter frosts.

Mel :

 I've always had long hair, wavy and lightly bleached by the sun. But all of a sudden, I have to make a bit of an effort just to look like I DON'T make an effort with it. At the most, I had to make my hair one colour when I was 15 and three different types of highlights. I'm quite good at the natural look and I think it was good to keep my hair healthy! I've stopped using the masks you find in supermarkets - I alternate between argan and coconut oil. I leave it to soak in 2-3 hours before I wash it (eugh, the hassle!), with a hot towel around my head. You can pop the towel in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm it up. When I dry my hair, and every morning before I go snowboarding, I lightly massage the ends of my hair with a wonderful, sparkly EQ oil to give them a bit of texture and protect them from the cold weather (and in the sunlight, it looks like Rapunzel's legendary locks!).

Nana :

Even if you're living in a city, you still have to deal with the harsh winter weather. Public enemy number 1 is dryness! Even natural cold plus heating = dry hair and horrible static. Even our beautiful mane of hair bleached golden by the sun doesn't obey us. The solution: hydration. Try not to shampoo it more than two or three times a week. And once every ten days, wrap your hair for an hour with a treatment before washing it off.  Ideally, this should contain jojoba oil, lavender, thyme or shea butter.  Your hair will be imbued with cloud-like softness, and it'll whisper its thanks right into your ear.

Mag :

To keep my hair hydrated all year round I use coconut oil. I melt a bit of coconut oil and I apply it as a mask to hydrate and bring some shine back my hair that's lost a bit of oomph thanks to constantly imprisoning it under a hat and scarf, then exposing it to salt and water, then elastic...  Don't forget that the oil stains, so it's probably best not to wear your favourite top when you're putting the mask on! For a peaceful, relaxing evening you can wear a towel on your head - you can do this for a whole night if need be. When you're ready, rinse it out with water, and shampoo your hair two or even three times so you won't have really greasy hair when it dries.

Momo :

I change shampoos regularly (like I do with mineral water, variety is the spice of life!)... But I try to use products with a shea, argan oil, or avocado bases, as well as 'butter' masks. I prefer larger quantities.

And I loooooooove oils for the ends of your hair. We want people to be fabulous, extraordinary, luminous...

Our latest discovery is EQ's marvellous Love oil, which hydrates without weighing you down - on the contrary, it even helps sculpt your hair - and smells like the sun!

Your help for getting over the winter blues - when there's a lack of light but no shortage of rain, cold, and gloom after Christmas party season

Mel :

Between summer at the beach and winter in the mountains, I spend all my time outside - I always get the light I need and I feel it! I think it's important to get fresh air as often as you can, it gives your brain a boost! It also works to put your head down to send some blood flow down to your brain. You don't need to be a yogi to do this. There's a pose that I do EVERY evening, that makes a huge difference and that anyone can do. Find a wall (if your bed is on the same wall, that's great, if not, get a yoga mat or a blanket), stretch out to the sun (or on your bed), bum pressed to the wall (that's important!), legs 90° from your chest, against the wall. If you've done this right, the soles of your feet should be facing the ceiling! Take a rolled-up bath towel and slide it just under the sacrum... enjoy! If boredom takes over, read a book, do breathing exercises, sing the latest Beyoncé... whatever you want. But if you stay there for 10-15 minutes, you'll feel much better :)

  Nana :

Eating healthily and being conscious of what we put into our bodies is important - it's what we fuel our bodies with! The blender is my best friend - it's easy to use and there are so many different recipes for amazing soups and smoothies.Be completely clear with yourself - note down goals you want to reach, as it's important for motivation.  Make sure you tidy, sort, and separate the extra! De-clutter your interior (your house) and diffuse the 'Explore' essential oil - it'll make you want to conquer the world with the Pink Pack!Move, don't hibernate - do some sports to wake up your body, and make the most of every opportunity to get out. Go on weekends away, do something different and keep marvelling at the little things.  Go out and see friends and have adventures!

Live life to the max: experience fresh air, light, love. Cuddling is also really important :)

  Mag :

I'm going green!To combat the grey of the city, this year I decided to put plenty of green plants around the living room, a little splash of green, my own garden in the middle of town.

1) As it's cold, I air out the apartment less, which helps to purify the air.

2) Aromatic plants grow easily - you don't need to have green fingers - but it means I can have mint tea whenever I like, or even make Lebanese tabbouleh myself. It's a mint and parsley dish using with onions, tomatoes, bulgur and lemon - and it helps to bring back the holidays a bit! And with a bit of water and light, you could even have tiny palm trees in your living room!

3) If you don't want to spend too much at the garden centre, you can make up the pots yourself. You could even grow an avocado pit or a sweet potato - they climb well and produce beautiful green leaves!

Momo :

I like verbena leaves from my parent's garden, for herbal teas in the evening - the flavour reminds me of my childhood.

 You could also use essential oils (e.g. fir, cypress, pine): put a couple of drops in the clay to bring back the mountain air when you're missing it.

Sport is also very important, being outdoors whatever happens. This year we had a beach volley tournament on the 24/12 and football on the 25/12...


Hugs - for us, the perfect hug lasts at least 20 seconds. Take your time.

blog1 blog1To boost your immune system

Mel :

Every other morning I replace my tea with 40cl of hot water with lemon, cinnamon and maple syrup (that's the gourmet option!). Later on when you're coming back from the cold: essential oils are a lifesaver! Pure lavender, peppermint or other synergies, a few drops in my diffuser and bam - I'm all set for the next couple of hours! I've just discovered EQ's perfume oils - my new addiction!

When I'm feeling like a snack, I rummage in my little superfruit mix - I've mixed up cranberries, blackberries, pomegranates, physalis (you know, those little yellow fruits you find in cocktails) and dried goji berries. It's delicious!

A 'health' ritual that's becoming more and more normal is yoga. Even if you just do it for 15 minutes, it's incredibly beneficial for your health. We talk about it a lot, but it's really something you have to experience for yourself to understand. Various complaints and maladies that we thought had made a permanent home in us disappear as if they'd never been there in the first place. You feel like all your energy is in complete harmony with your body. You should at least learn basic poses with a teacher, and then try them out yourself on a regular basis. Learn to breathe again, find a good teacher and deepen your knowledge. It can be a challenge to start with but your body will thank you.

  Nana :

You'll stay a Superwoman

So you can look after yourself and protect yourself from everything. Yes, everything...

Thyme (which fights against colds and throat infections, and is stimulating and antiviral) and beetroot (protects against colds) plus organic lemon, of course (detoxifing and antiseptic).

Recipe (for one cup): pour 300ml of water into a saucepan and two star anise. Bring to the boil. Once the water is simmering, take it off the heat, add 1ml of dried thyme, recover and let it infuse for three minutes. Filter and then serve in a pretty Billabong mug with a slice of organic lemon. Tada!

  Mag :

To make sure you're full of vitamins all year round, particularly in the winter, rule no.1 is to invest in a blender! I've even chosen a heated blender, so not only can I make more delicious smoothies, but quick and easy soups, too. I love winter where you can find loads of super vegetables to make a green juice or soup with, including beetroot which is packed with vitamins and antioxidants.  To do this, the best thing to do is to get a juicer so you can make fruit or vegetable juices whenever you want.

My favourite for giving you a bit of a boost is the ACE juice, packed with sharp flavours and vitamins including orange, carrots and lemon. You can also test winter fruits in the juicer - apple or pomegranate juice, for example, are both delicious. And with beetroot, onions, carrots, turmeric, a bit of almond milk, it turns into a bright pink soup!

Momo :

In the kitchen, the blender is my best friend. I bought one with a heat-resistant bowl, I make winter vegetable shots with it.  Easy recipe: cook the carrots in a casserole dish, put them in the blender, add boiling water seasoned with a stock cube and a slice of Kiri. Mix and drink (cheers)!


Try half a squeezed lemon in hot water every morning to kick-start your digestive system (see this recipe for lemon and cinnamon)


Take a marine magnesium supplement (combined with vitamin B6) to help get through the winter.


Find all the latest news from the Pink Pack crew here: https://thepinkpack.wordpress.com

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