Stretching before sport !

Stretching before sport !

Diane, a yoga teacher in Biarritz, shows us a series of easy stretches.

Before doing any sport, it is important to warm up well to prepare your muscles to the effort and avoid injuries, whether it is before a surfing session or any other sport!

We had the opportunity to spend some time with Diane, yoga teacher at Biarritz Yoga Shelter. She revealed to us a stretching routine to adopt before practicing sports.

This routine proposed by Diane, is ideal for everyone, quick and accessible to all, to warm up mainly the cervicals and the back.

Discover now in detail and by posture the different stretches to do, all guided by Diane.

"Start by settling into a comfortable sitting position; pelvis stable and spine straightening. If you're already on the beach, you can do these postures standing, feet firmly planted in the ground with the body reaching for the sky. 

Then set up a conscious and regular breathing. You can concentrate on the belly for example if you have difficulty entering the exercise. Then, if you are comfortable, breathe with your mouth closed only through your nose."

"To gently stretch your cervical spine, relax your arms, on the inhale, grow taller, on the exhale let your head descend towards the sternum while keeping your back straight. Thanks to the weight of the head and the conscious breathing, the neck, the trapezius and the whole upper back will relax. The jaws and the whole face relax. 

The inhale brings the head back to its place and on the exhale continue to grow. 

Then the spine lengthens again and on the exhale the left ear bends toward the left shoulder without crushing the left side of the neck; we are trying to create space. Make sure to relax the whole right side and do the same on the left side. Stay 5 conscious breaths or more on each side, depending on how it feels."

"Then, with fingers crossed, place the hands at the occiput, the small bump behind the skull. Open the elbows to the sides. Gently, the head pushes into the hands and the hands push the head back. The back lengthens, the upper back stretches. Adjust the number of conscious breaths according to your sensations".

"On the inhale, the chest stretches towards the sky, the navel moves towards the spine before letting the chest twist on the exhale. The placement of the hands can help to enter the posture and even to go further. The direction of the gaze is important; as in surfing, where the gaze goes, the body will follow. During the whole posture, keep growing. The chest returns to the axis with care on the inhale before doing the same on the other side."

GARUDASANA (Arms in Eagle Pose): "To mobilize the shoulders and relax the space between the shoulder blades, cross your arms one above the other. Option 1: leave one hand on each shoulder, option 2, twist the forearms. In both cases, let the shoulders go down, the elbows go up and in option 2, the hands go away from the face. You are free to remain static in the posture, or to let the upper back round out. Breathe and then think about doing the other side."

MARJARIASANA (Hollow/round back cat): "To awaken or mobilize the spine, go on all fours. Wrists under the shoulders, knees under the hips. Try to grow taller, to hold the navel towards the spine, to circle the waist. Then, on the inhale, let the front of the body open (hollow back) then on the exhale open the back of the body (round back). In dynamics and in consciousness, practice this posture on several breaths "

ANAHATASANA (Melting heart) : "To go further, let the hands come forward in front of you, one shoulder width. Try to keep the hips and knees in line, then depending on how you feel and how flexible you are, drop the forehead, chin or chest to the floor. Keep the navel active - especially for those with a sensitive lower back - and activate your hands and arms."

ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA (Head down dog): "From the 4 legs, arm your toes in the ground, push in the hands (which are active), take off the knees and try to lengthen the back by pushing in your hands, all in one exhale. With time and practice, flexibility will allow you to bring the heels closer to the ground but this is not a goal in itself; the most important thing is to lengthen the back. The head remains in its axis and the glance will be posed towards the navel. Don't hesitate to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth."

ANJANEYASANA (low lunge) : "To stretch the front of your body - especially your psoas, a muscle that is much talked about in yoga and that you use a lot in surfing - bring your right foot forward behind your right hand, from your "head down dog". Stay in this low lunge for a few breaths before taking support in your hands and returning to head down and doing the same thing with your left side."

UTTANASANA (standing pinch): "From the low lunge, bring the second foot to the front of the mat and bend over your legs. The knees can be bent! Remember to absorb the area between the pubic bone and the navel, allowing your torso to lie in front of the legs and the back to stretch smoothly. This posture invites you to let go. To straighten up, push into the floor and keep your knees flexible. Once upright, push your supports into the ground, growing taller. Take time for a few conscious breaths. You are ready to surf!"

To complete this routine of warming up, you can use The Warm-up Massage Oil certified BIO which will promote the preparation before a physical effort by toning the muscles.

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