Discovering the best French surf spots

Discovering the best French surf spots
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Find the best French surf spot, adapted to your level and not far from your home

You don't need to go to the other side of the world to practice your passion. France offers many surf spots, suitable for all levels and in several regions.

EQ makes you discover our favorite French surf spots, so you can enjoy your summer while staying close to your home.

Where can you surf in France according to your level ?

Basque Coast

Cradle of French surfing, the Basque coast attracts thousands of tourists and surfers every year. No matter the tides or the conditions, it is always possible to find a spot to have fun.

Hendaye is the ideal spot for beginner surfers as it allows them to learn and progress quickly. Its 3km long beach offers many peaks and waves for all levels. Beware of its winter swell which can sometimes be strong and surprise surfers.

For those who are already experienced surfers and wish to tame more technical waves, we advise you to try the Biarritz spots. The Côte des Basques or the Grande Plage are well known for their local surfers and their emblematic landscapes. To extend your session in Biarritz, we also recommend you to discover our Biarritz Grande Plage Scented Candle made of 100% vegetable wax.

For experienced surfers, the beaches of Anglet allow you to challenge yourself against a strong swell. For the big waves lovers, Parlementia in Guéthary is the ideal place for the people looking for adrenalin and strong sensations. Without forgetting the mythical wave of Belharra, located off the coast of Hendaye, reserved for extreme surfers.


To stay in the South West of France, the Landes and its beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see also offer mythical and world famous spots. But beware, when you say big sandy beaches, you also mean sun and little shade. So don't forget to protect yourself with our Organic Sunscreen SPF50 or one of our Colored Sunscreen Sticks SPF50+.

To learn this sport, the beaches of Mimizan and Moliets are ideal, but beware of the baïnes when the sand banks move.

For the intermediate surfers, we suggest to face the waves of Estagnots in Seignosse or Vieux Boucau.

Finally, for expert surfers, the waves of Hossegor will be a real playground. The surf spot of La Gravière with its powerful shore break and the rollers of La Nord will give strong sensations. 


Continuing up the Atlantic coast, we find the Gironde's surf spots.

The beaches of Hourtin are ideal for surfing initiations. Its long rights and lefts offer a prolonged pleasure for the amateurs of glide.

For intermediate surfers, we recommend the spot of Carcans, the alternative to Lacanau. There, the waves are less hollow and therefore more accessible. It is a spot that works at all tides, but beware of the currents ! 

Finally, for confirmed surfers, the waves of Lacanau are ideal. The most famous spot in Gironde, it is a place of competition since the 80's which offers powerful and accessible waves for all.

Pays de la Loire

It is also possible to have fun on the waves of the Pays de la Loire

For beginners, the beaches of Saint-Gilles-de-Vie, which are fallback spots, are ideal for learning the practice of surf. 

For intermediate surfers, the spot of La Govelle in Batz-sur-Mer is interesting. Powerful when the conditions are right, this reef wave requires a good knowledge of the spot.

For experienced surfers, the Conches beach, also called Bud Bud in Longeville Sur Mer offers a perfect wave that can tube.


For surfers from the West of France, Brittany also offers spots with ideal waves. Beware of the cold water and don't forget your EQ Earplugs to enjoy fully your surfing session.

To learn surfing, the Crevettes spot on the peninsula of Quiberon is perfect. Its waves allow you to learn this sport gently while progressing quickly. 

For the more experienced surfers, the bay of Trépassés in Cap Sizun, surrounded by cliffs the Pointe du Raz and the Pointe du Van offers waves that can be easily surfed. In addition to its beautiful waves, the view is remarkable.

Impossible to talk about surfing in Bretagne without mentioning the most famous spot: La Torche. Suitable for all levels, this spot welcomes every year many competitions and the best French surfers. 

Now that you know the best French surf spots, all you have to do is jump into the water and live your passion as you want !

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