Slope ready skin and body care

Slope ready skin and body care
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Discover advice from our ambassadors so that you can take full advantage of your next session on the slopes!

No way - the cold, wind, snow and sun aren’t going to be getting the better of our skin this year. Say goodbye to tightness, chapped lips, dried out hands, chillblains, redness and other annoyances which can quickly spoil your holiday in the mountains. If you’re going to make the most of it without suffering from a nasty case of sore muscles or even injury, physical preparation beforehand is a must.

Caroline, yoga teacher

caro yoga


Winter sport 

Snowboard - previously a member of the French Snowboard Halfpipe National Team

Most frequent skin problem on the mountain

irritation resulting from my jacket rubbing my face (chin, mouth, nose, etc.). I regularly apply a really rich Cold Cream on these areas throughout the day.

After Skiing:

 I constantly use EQ hydrating and repairing cream which I apply to my face and hands. Even if they’re protected by gloves, the skin on your hands is very delicate and really sensitive to cold, requiring specific hydration. Avoid rubbing as much as possible while also avoiding cold water.

Physical preparation:

I like to go through this sequence in the weeks before I head off boarding in order to strengthen my lower limbs, which are used a great deal when skiing or boarding (hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors and buttocks), as well as stretching the psoas muscles, strengthening the core and abdominal wall, improving balance and developing anchoring, strength and stability as a result.

Once I’ve arrived, I focus on stretching my lower limbs and inversions to get energy flowing and loosen my legs. Finally, I do lots of breathing exercises (pranayama) in order to eliminate toxins.

Secret weapon

a hearty and balanced breakfast: millet porridge, ground linseed, banana, kiwi, shredded coconut, raw cacao and goji berries with home-made almond milk. A nice cup of green tea, and GO!

caro yoga

Lucile Woodward, fitness coach 


Winter sport :

Skiing – Ambassador for the Ministry of Sports’ winter safety campaign “Prévention Hiver”

Secret weapon: 

 drink more than a litre of water per day and follow a diet rich in vitamin A, omega 3, and omega 6 (eggs, fish, sweet potatoes, spinach, almonds, hazelnuts, linseed oil, rapeseed oil, etc.).

Physical preparation

7 exercises to prepare for skiing (to be practised every day for 30 days): Video

EQ Combo for a successful skiing trip:

SPF30 sun cream and Cold Cream

“In my view, sun cream is VITAL for winter sports. I’ve been using SPF30 sun cream for a number of years now to protect my face as well as my children’s faces, it’s brilliantly effective at protecting the skin from the incredibly powerful UV rays in the mountains.”

Even if you don’t feel like you’re burning when you’re on the mountain, the altitude and the glare from the snow make solar protection vital. A protective layer of Cold Cream will also protect your skin from the wind and cold if there are days with bad weather.


Mathieu Crepel, professional snowboarder


Winter sport: 

Snowboard – Halfpipe and Big Air World Champion

Killer advice:

Don’t forget sun cream on your ears ;)

Secret weapon: 

wear a snood to protect your lips, cheeks and nose

Key product :

The EQ cream Combi-Stick – it’s the ideal package for a day on the slopes with its cream and lip balm on one end. The sun in the mountains is far stronger than on the ocean. The higher your altitude, the stronger the sun’s rays: the amount of ultraviolet light effectively increases by 4% every 300 metres. What’s more, the phenomenon of glare is much stronger when reflecting from snow (85%) compared to sand (20%) or water (5%).

I especially make sure my lips are protected, particularly in arid regions such as Alaska or Chile. Beware your saliva, which can increase irritation and cause cracking. Even if your lips are dry, try to avoid moistening them with saliva as much as you can!

I also use warming massage oil in the morning before leaving so that I can warm up my muscles, it’s perfect for when it’s cold even before putting on any layers!

snowboardeur pro

Sans oublier un peu de musique pour vous accompagner




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