Our winter surfing destination : Morocco

Our winter surfing destination : Morocco

Our winter surfing destination : Morocco

Travel diary - Are you in search of a great surfing destination where you can also enjoy a total change of scenery? Then look no further than Morocco, which currently tops our list.

You'll have already heard about Morocco, a country that's full of character, charm and is our must-go destination for surf trips this year.

EQ has put together 6 reasons why this country also deserves to be on your surfing holiday bucket list.

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Transport, accommodation, food... Morocco is the perfect destination for holiday makers and surfers who need to watch the pennies. For example, €20 a night will get you a comfy double room in numerous parts of the country. Add to that the increasing number of budget airlines that now to and fro between France and Morocco.

EQ's Money-saving Tips:

  • Bordeaux/Essaouira with Easy Jet : Roughly €80 or €100 if you have a board bag.
  • Between €20 and €30 for a decent room in a surf lodge.
  • If you're in a group and plan to move around, then hire a car for a cheap, practical travel solution. (€150 to €200 for a week).

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Waves Quality

avion marocNothing short of world class. Whatever your level, Morocco has waves for everyone. From point breaks* to slabs* and beach breaks*, Morocco has it all. What's more, you won't have to go far if you want to change spots - they're all close to each other. If you like to ride goofy*, then you'll love practising your backside moves as Morocco is famous for its right-hand breaks. Imagine endless swells where the only issue is how long you can ride your board before losing your balance.

EQ's Surfing Tips:

  • For beginners/intermediate riders: surf spots such as Imsouane Bay or Tagashout Beach.
  • For experienced/expert riders: areas with reef breaks including Boilers, Anchor Point, Killer Point (Tagazhout) and Cathedral Point (Imsouane).

Eden surf Maroc has an interactive map showing all the top spots between Imsouane and Agadir.

Local life

Despite an increasing number of visitors, Moroccans are friendly and welcoming. Mutual respect and caring for the environment are at the heart of Moroccan culture.

EQ's Accommodation Tips:

  • The Seaside House Imsouane: a little peaceful haven. A real gem that boasts stunning views across Imsouane.
  • It's a sociable place, where you can hit the waves and enjoy the company of others.
  • "When in Rome"... Moroccans will be even more friendly if you respect the local culture and customs;  they really appreciate it when visitors go that extra mile to fit in.

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Winter sunshine

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 Colored Surf Stick 

Be warned that even if it's not scorching hot, being out in the sun all day could have painful consequences. So make sure you slather on an SPF before you hit the beach. Apply a high factor surf-strength stick sunscreen that covers well and provides maximum protection if you're out in the sun for long periods of time. It'll mean that you can focus on finding the best waves rather than dealing with sunburned skin!

EQ's Sunscreen Tips:

  • Regularly re-apply your sunscreen.
  • Stick sunscreens lasts for more than 50 applications, so you can surf to your heart's content.
  • Drink lots of water before and after your sessions.
  • Just don't drink tap water or sea water!


A place to unwind and a far cry from the frenzy of European life. Morocco doesn't have the best internet connection, but that means it's a great place to disconnect; make friends, enjoy sports and share meals instead of updating your status or browsing social networks. Yoga's also very popular in this part of world, meaning you can nourish both your body and soul.

EQ's Relaxation Tips:

  • Set your mobile to silent mode and enjoy the sunny great outdoors - you can always catch up with your social networks once you're back at base.
  • Olo Surf & Nature in Imsouane holds some great introductory yoga courses that overlook the best surf spot - a real breath of fresh air.

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Maroc gastronomie

If one thing's for sure, Moroccan cuisine is beyond delicious. There's something for everyone and treating yourself to fresh fish isn't going to break the bank. Moroccan food will certainly replenish your energy at the end of a hard day's surfing: an array of tajines followed by an endless choice of tasty desserts. More than enough to feed you up, ready for the next day...

EQ's Restaurant Tips:

  • Le Petit Surfer, a pretty inn in the centre of Imsouane with a lovely glass-roofed terrace that serves as its restaurant - take our word for it, you can't go wrong here!
  • The Seaside House Imsouane serves wicked breakfasts that will set you up nicely for a sporty day.
  • One of the best things to do in Imsouane is to head straight to the old port. It's a simple process:
  • Buy some fresh fish at the market.
  • Fork out a few dirhams to get it nicely cooked.
  • Settle down on a terrace that overlooks the bay's best surf spot, while your fish is grilled over an open fire.
  • Enjoy your fresh, super-tasty meal before gearing up for your afternoon session.

TBH, the worst thing about Morocco is having to leave... There's nothing more sobering than heading back to reality, rain and plummeting temperatures.

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