EQ tips for summer surfing

EQ tips for summer surfing

Summer is coming and so are the surf sessions!

What better way to have fun or even to start surfing than to take advantage of the heat, the sun and the small waves.

Summer means small swells, waves accessible to all and especially a LOT of people in the water!

In order to make the most of your summer sessions, whether you want to start surfing, surf only during your vacations or continue your daily practice, EQ has prepared some tips for you!

Observe the spot

Before rushing into the water, it is very important to observe the ocean. We observe where there are people, and if there are not, why, it also helps to avoid the accumulation of surfers in the same place.

Observing well before launching also allows to study and understand the functioning of the spot where you are going to surf: the currents, a possible pass to go to the bottom more easily, the tide, the size and the power of the waves...

Warm up

Warming up is a very important point before going in the water. Warming up for 5 to 10 minutes will stimulate your muscles, your joints and also increase your heart rate.

Summer on the coast means late nights, beers at the Sunset, barbecues with friends... these pleasant moments do not necessarily put your body in the best physical condition. To avoid injury and to be able to recover better after your session, don't forget to warm up!

Understand the rules and respect them

In the water, there are many rules that keep order at the peak and keep things from getting out of hand.

It's important to learn about the rules so you understand the priorities on the waves.

You may also find yourself in situations where the people in front of you break these rules simply because they didn't ask. In this case, it is up to you to know how to handle the situation and adapt. 

If you have the right of way, but someone goes ahead of you anyway, don't go, we want to avoid accidents! If someone leaves on a wave and you are in front of him, move to give him room.

Of course, we leave the priority to the person who is more offshore or more inland than you.


Protect yourself from the sun

In summer, the number one enemy of surfers is the sun!

Remember to protect your skin with the right sun protection. 

Water resistant and easy to apply, the SPF50+ Sunscreen Sticks are perfectly adapted to extreme sun conditions, especially during your sessions in the water. They provide very high UVA/UVB protection on the face and lips of the most sun-sensitive skin, scars and tattoos. In addition, their 100% mineral-based filter formula is non-ecotoxic for the marine environment.

If you're not wearing a wetsuit, remember to apply SPF50 Sunscreen to the rest of your body. Even if the water temperature is good, we advise you to keep a small wetsuit, or lycra, in addition to avoid ending up all red, it will avoid the rubbing of the chest on the board.

EQ tip: to easily remove the remains of sun stick or cream, use our Moisturizing Oil. In addition to moisturizing your skin, its active ingredients and rich texture allow you to remove excess mineral-filtered sunscreen products.

Adapt and control your surfing

When the summer season is in full swing, there are many people on the beach and in the water, and it can quickly become difficult to manage. To avoid accidents, remember to control your surfing and adapt it to the conditions and the people around you. 

Here are a few tips that should help you get the most out of your sessions this summer. Finally, the most important thing is of course to enjoy and have fun when you go surfing. 

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