International Recycling Day

International Recycling Day

EQ tips to become an expert on recycling and give new life to your used products!

This week at EQ, we are celebrating International Recycling Day.

What is International Recycling Day?

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness and encourage waste recycling, as well as to remind people of the good habits to adopt.

We want to encourage the "3R" principle of recycling: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

The principle of recycling is very simple: to give a second life to waste.

Indeed, sorting your waste is giving it the possibility to be recycled to have a second life, that's why at EQ our packaging is recyclable and we want to avoid overpackaging as much as possible. So, when you have finished your tube of sun cream, put it in the yellow garbage can!  

What are the good habits to adopt?

Selective sorting. 

  • To allow the recycling of waste, it is important to sort it:
  • Throw away packaging in the appropriate garbage cans
  • Deposit electrical or electronic equipment that cannot be repaired in the collection points intended to collect them
  • Deposit used batteries in the collection points

Reuse certain products to give them a second life.

  • Have your household appliances or electronics repaired before replacing them and throwing them away
  • Donate your old furniture to associations so that it can be reused or recycled
  • Encourage the purchase of second-hand clothes, toys and other objects that are difficult to recycle
  • Give a second life to certain objects such as jars, clothes, furniture... by reusing them in a new way (for example, transform a glass tomato sauce jar into a storage space for cotton buds)

Reduce your waste. 

When buying, adopt the right reflexes that will allow you to considerably reduce the amount of waste.

  • Favor the purchase of products and foodstuffs in bulk 
  • Reduce the use of single-use products and favor washable and reusable products
  • Avoid over-packaging when it is not necessary, and if it is essential, favor recycled/recyclable packaging.

Which garbage cans to choose for which waste?

The selective sorting takes more and more its place in the daily life of the French. However, it often happens to have doubts about the garbage cans and collectors, we are afraid to make a mistake. Here is a small guide.

The yellow garbage: for recyclable waste

  • Plastic cans, bottles and flasks. 
  • Cardboard boxes and thin over-wrappings (cake packages, cereal packages, milk cartons, etc.), folded and not nested.
  • Metal cans (cans, bottles, aerosols, aluminium trays, etc.).

The green or grey garbage: for non-recyclable waste

Everything that cannot be recycled ends up in this garbage can. Leftovers, fruit and vegetable peelings, eggshells, cat litter, diapers...

Containers in town: glass and paper

It is recommended to separate glass and paper from the rest of the waste, in order to deposit them in the containers provided for this purpose. You will find these specific containers in several collection points in your city.


  • Glass bottle caps, however, do not go into these containers, as they are not of the same material.
  • Broken dishes are not considered as glass either, they go in the household waste garbage can.
  • All paper is recyclable, from magazines and newspapers to letters and envelopes.

Direction to the waste disposal center

There is always some waste that cannot be put in the everyday garbage.

  • Bulky waste, such as furniture or household appliances
  • Toxic waste (oil, etc.)

Specific collect

Some wastes require a specific way of collection.

The waste concerned is generally batteries, empty ink cartridges, clothes and medicines.

EQ's advice: give your candles a second life!

On the occasion of the international recycling day, we suggest you some tips to reuse your candle.

The first step, once your scented candle is completely burnt out, is to wash the candle jar.

How do you wash your candle jar?

  • Boil some water 
  • Fill your candle to ¾ full 
  • Wait a few hours: the wax will melt and rise to the surface, then solidify as the water cools. 
  • A small cake of wax will then form on the surface.  
  • Once it is completely solidified, grab it with your fingertips and reuse it at your convenience.

How do you reuse your EQ candle jar once it is clean?

There are many ways to give your candle jar a second life, while adding a decorative touch to your home.

Here is a selection of what you can do with a candle jar:

  • A mini flower or herb pot 
  • A jewelry box  
  • A brush storage  
  • A storage for sun sticks 
  • A mug   
  • A cotton pot  
  • A spice jar  

Now that you know all about recycling, it's time to take action if it's not already part of your daily routine!

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