Skin Care Duo Set
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Skin Care Duo Set


Adopt winter’s essential care for a nourished, hydrated and soothe skin.The Cold Cream with fruity fragrance creates a protective film on its surface. The soothing SOS treatment intensely repairs dry skin subjected to cold or friction. More details expand_more

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Protective Cream with Cold Cream

EQ’s Protective Cream with Cold Cream protects normal to dry skin from often extreme environmental factors (cold, rain, wind, snow) by creating a protective film that shields the surface of the skin. Rich in active ingredients, its hydrating and nourishing properties work to leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and perfectly protected. Its tropical, fruity fragrance with hints of vanilla provide a moment of pure escape.

SOS soothing cream

Organic SOS Soothing Cream provides long-lasting comfort for the driest, most irritated skin that tends to become more agitated and fragile when exposed to physical friction and environmental factors. It soothes and reduces redness, nourishes and promotes rehydration of the skin, leaving it feeling softer and more revitalised.


Certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT®, labellised COSMEBIO®

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