Why do we need to wear Earplugs

The growing number of outdoor sports participants (surf, ski, bike, swimming, running) in challenging conditions has resulted in an increase of ears’ pathologies in numerous regions of the world.

A growing number of exostosis pathologies

Exostosis is one of the main pathology. Exostosis generates an excessive growth of the bone in the auditory canal, resulting in the loss of hearing and can lead to deafness in the worst cases. In addition, the bone growth allows waste and bacteria to sit in the canal, which in turn increases the case of ear infections.

A study conducted by surgeons

A study conducted by surgeons in the South West of France in 2010 concluded that there was no protective equipment that addressed the specific needs of water sports participants wishing to prevent it, in particular in terms of hearing, balance and fit. Surgery is the only solution to address exostosis once it is installed. There are also evident risks of bone re- growth when no protection is worn afterwards.

Innovation for well-being improvement

In collaboration with engineers, the surgeons developed an ear plugs to prevent from those ears’ pathologies. Using an innovative design made of flexible medical silicone, EQ ear plugs has a breathable Sympatex® membrane, which allows the circulation of air in the ear, and therefore maintaining hearing and balance.




Protects from Wind Protects from Wind




Protects from Water Protects from Water







Protects from pollution Protects from pollution
Innovative &
performing design
& Balance
Membrane Support
Membrane’s role

The innovative design of the earplug and the waterproof membrane prevent water from entering the auditory canal.

The membrane allows the circulation of air and maintains the hearing and balance capacities of the user, whilst protecting the ear from the external elements.

& Breathable
SympaTex membranetechnology

The waterproof and breathable SympaTex® membrane contained within the ergonomic design allows the circulation of air which maintains the user’s hearing and balance. The SympaTex membrane has an optimal breathability and density, an extreme physical resistance, and is tested durable while assuring a functional barrier.

More about
Sympatex technology
+ windproof
A secure fit
Silicone cup
EQ earplug can fit 95% of users

The flexible silicone body guarantees a secure fit of the earplug, when placed behind the first curb of the auditory canal. The 8 mm-diameter cup is designed to fit the majority of people aged 12 and over. The ear canal reaches its full adult size at the age of 9. The EQ Ear Plugs are adapted to an average sized ear canal in one size that will fit 95% of users.

The cup is designed to be placed just behind the first curb of the auditory canal, purposely limiting pressure around the wall of the ear duct (meatus), offering a secure fit, comfort and waterproof qualities.

-10 to 60°
Medical silicone
Tested validated under medical supervision

The body is made of medical silicone,a hypoallergenic, chlorine-proof, salt waterproof, water-repellent material that can withstand temperatures from -10°C to 60°C. The medical silicone (Silicon LSR) offers optimal comfort and protection of the skin within the auditory canal. The extension rib helps when inserting and removing the earplug.

EQ Earplugs KIT

Handy carry tube on a key ring
Ergonomic applicator for an easy and safe placement of the protection in the ear

EQ Life guarantee

Manufacturing defects warranty

Valid for 24 months*
Developed by medical professionals and engineers, the highest attention has been devoted to the quality of the ear plugs. If, despite all our efforts, a proven defect were to be discovered, EQ will offer you a standard exchange of your defective ear plug.
*from the date of purchase
Frequence : unlimited

Product loss warranty

Valid for life*
Bad positioning of the ear plug in the ear, theft, leaving the ear plug on the car roof, anything can happen. That’s why EQ is offering you a second chance thanks to lifetime warranty against the loss of one of your EQ ear plugs.
*from the date of purchase
Frequence : To be used once only
EQ Ear Plugs for Surf



39,99 €

Ear plugs for surfers

Ear plugs, innovative design with a medical silicone membrane. Breathable and waterproof Sympatex® membrane maintains the hearing and balance capacities of the user.

The EQ EAR PLUGS were developed under medical supervision by ENT surgeons and engineers (received the EUROSIMA Technological award in 2010)

  • Ear Plugs made in Spain
  • 100% waterproof + windproof.
  • 300% elasticity
  • Optimal breathability.
  1. Insert the ear plug into the applicator.
  2. Hold the applicator between your fore-finger and thumb.
  3. To make its introduction easier, pull the ear backwards. Press both the ear plug and the applicator between your fingers, holding firmly, and insert gently into the ear canal. Do not force.
  4. Pull out the applicator and put it back inside the tube.
  • The ear plugs must be worn in a clean and healthy ear
  • Do not use the EQ EARPLUGS at over 3 meters deep
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  • Delivery to a pickup parcelshops | 1-5 working days (available only for France)
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