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Adoptez un corail

Adopt a coral


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Adopt a coral for your Valentine !

Give your loved one an adopted coral that the Ocean Quest France teams will plant in their name in the EQ coral garden on the Island of Les Saintes in Guadeloupe. You will receive an adoption certificate and a small symbolical bracelet on D-Day! 

  • The coral adoption certificate and the bracelet will be sent to you upon receipt of your order
  • Water resistant nylon bracelet, starfish in Holite

You will receive a certificate of adoption and a symbollical small bracelet on D-Day aswell ! 

Depending on your country of residence, there are different delivery options available:
  • Standard delivery | 24H-48H
  • Delivery to a pickup parcelshops | 1-5 working days (available only for France)
Delivery lead times vary from depending on your country of residence. For more details click here

Five steps for replanting coral

Many marine conservation projects are focused on coral replanting, and the concept is the same as planting a tree.

Ocean Quest uses an all-natural method for biological coral rehabilitation.


After analyzing the potential of the propagation site, divers recover fragments of coral and living rocks and bring them back to the coast.


The 2 cm fragments of coral are attached to the rocks using a catalyst. Two weeks later, this agent is dissolved leaving no trace of toxins, glues or unnatural elements.


The coral is then placed in a temporary nursery area to promote its growth. After several months, it grows considerably, reaching 10 cm.


Divers then transplant this coral to the initial collection site in order to replace the damaged coral.


The final challenge is to preserve and monitor the growth of the coral reef by raising awareness and involving local communities. 

Replanting allows for the creation of a self-sufficient natural habitat which is constantly growing in addition to a source of food for marine species.

However, particular attention must be paid to certain coral rehabilitation techniques (artificial coral reefs, use of grids, PVC pipes, electrolysis, etc.) which sometimes have even more harmful consequences on the ocean and can contribute to its deterioration!

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