A wellbeing

All of our wellbeing products for the body and the home (sun protection range, candles, incense) are made in France in partner laboratories who respect production procedures and ethics important for EQ. Our yoga mat is made in Asia, the leader of processes used to make TPE material. Our protective earplugs are made in the Basque area of Spain, a few kilometers away from our offices.

None of our products have been, or will be, tested on animals,
and they will always be made with love.


Beyond the label, our products are a state of mind and a host of values: a selection of rigorous production procedures, natural ingredients, but also help for charities who share our educational values for future generations and who seek to preserve the environment.

EQ actively supports the "Flocon à la Vague" charity, who educates the public about the protect of water in all its forms. EQ partipates in the charity's interventions in schools using a responsible cosmetics game, and associates themselves with water-cycle awareness events, from the mountains to the oceans.

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