A Big Yes to Green Friday !

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A Big Yes to Green Friday !

To keep nature pure, EQ join the Green Friday on friday, 23 November 2018.

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We think that Black Friday’s super-low prices come at a cost: wasteful production and senseless shopping. That’s why, this year, EQ is taking part in an alternative movement: on November 23rd, our shops in Biarritz and online will be proudly celebrating Green Friday, because there are more ethical ways to shop than splurging it all !

EQ x Green Friday

So, what exactly is Green Friday©?
Green Friday© – an initiative first launched by ENVIE in 2017 – brings shoppers and retailers together to take on Black Friday, the American tradition of conspicuous consumption where prices are slashed on anything and everything on the last Friday of every November. Green Friday© encourages us to shop responsibly and to stop buying things just because there’s a good deal on ! It’s not about shaming shoppers: it’s about letting people know that they have the power as customers to resist the temptation of the bargain and to buy ethically !

What does this mean for us at EQ? Well, it means that there won’t be any Black Friday deals on our website. However, we will be donating 15% of the day’s proceeds to ZERO WASTE, an organisation that campaigns for a wasteless society.

“Change the status quo – not the planet!”

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Yes to sustainable shopping!

For us, shopping responsibly means making informed decisions when you buy. So, by participating in Green Friday, we hope to support a more sustainable and fairly priced alternative to Black Friday.

Our products are worth their price tag. It’s so important to us that all of our products are made in France , and formulated in partner labs that follow strict ethical and environmental guidelines. At no stage are animals involved in testing , and all of our products are Bio-certified by ECOCERT® and given the prestigious COSMEBIO® label , which means that they are sourced organically and ethically. But, even more important than this is how our products reflect our philosophy here at EQ : we are completely transparent about where our products come from and how they are made; we meticulously choose only the best and purest ingredients; and we even support organisations that share our values, teaching future generations to act responsibly and with love for the planet , always.

It’s with these positive and ethical values in mind that we have chosen to support Green Friday, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to shop and live sustainably .

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Join in the fun!

Why not join us for a special DIY cosmetics workshop at our shop in Biarritz on Friday 23rd November from 3pm until 7pm. This time around, you can learn the ins and outs of 100% natural massaging and exfoliating oils !


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