When EQ met Little Madi…

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When EQ met Little Madi…

Discover the story when the artist Little Madi met EQ!

Portrait de Little Madi

Once upon a time, there was an artist called Little Madi…

Completely unattached, Little Madi lived and worked in Biarritz.
After studying in Brussels, spending a short time in Paris and travelling to New York, she returned to France, where she perfected her craft and her graphic research through exhibitions and collaborations.

Her playful art captures a unique and endearing universe. The details are essential to her work, full of a naive sweetness and stemming from an instinctive process. Her obsessive use of Rotring creates a space which gives us an insight into her private design of a universe without rules or limits. It is as if she were looking for a state of absolute tranquillity that only the sensation of drawing could give her.

Mosaïque illustration Little Madi

Art sur porcelaine de Little Madi

From paper to porcelain, every material is a chance for her imagination to run wild.

Maintaining her love for noble materials, she offers a unique collection of porcelain, mixing vintage pieces and cups from Limoges.

…Who one day met up with EQ…

Our first collaboration came to life in summer 2015.

« My collaboration with EQ was fuelled by a natural, simple and authentic energy.
I wanted to create a design around the EQ logo which combines references to plants and animals. This first collaboration made me want to continue this adventure, and we will soon come up with some new creations… »


Little Madi said.

More than a collaboration, it is a real connection which brings us together, and there are some new projects in partnership with Little Madi in the pipeline which will delight the artist’s fans.

Bougie Parfumée Little Madi for EQ

… And a beautiful Little Madi creation for EQ came to life!

The EQ collection of scented candles is a real homage to travelling, awakening the senses and creating a sense of well-being. The Little Madi for EQ scented candle was born from a meeting of Little Madi’s unusual and endearing graphic style with the world of culturally-inspired, responsible eco-wellness. It reveals the secrets of an enchanting, exotic and woody perfume, with the sunny scent of vanilla.

Bougie Parfumée Little Madi for EQ

EQ x Little Madi natural scented candle = Limited edition€29.95

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