WEEK 3 : EQ Spring Health Challenge

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Week 3 : EQ Spring Health Challenge by HappynGood

Let’s discover our third week of the EQ Spring Health Challenge by HappynGood

MONDAY: Let’s do some stretches

Wake up half an hour earlier, drink a large glass of lukewarm water, get some air into the room and practice a few stretches in a Zen atmosphere.

posture yoga

Wind pose : inhale and bring your knees to your chest. This position will allow you to stretch your spine and relieve all your tensions in the low back.

posture cobra yoga

Cobra pose : Lie down flat on the floor. Place your hands at shoulder level with your elbows back along your body. Inhale slowly and straighten the arm while lifting the chest off the floor.

Meditation after your exercises: burn your natural encens, and feel appeasement for a true wellness moment

TUESDAY : Prepare your detox water

As well as your morning cup of tea, why not prepare some ‘detox water’ – it’ll keep you going all day!

Ingredients :

  • Half an orange
  • Half a lemon
  • Mint leaves
  • Red fruits
  • 2 ml of the Teatox mix

I’ve chosen the ‘Pure Beauty’ mix, which is made with white tea, pineapple and lemongrass, to help support the skin’s natural beauty. Once it’s infused in 1 litre of water and chilled, I’m adding some extra fruits to boost my energy levels with the vitamins! It’s the perfect magic potion that keeps me going through a sports session ☺

thetox pure beauty

WEDNESDAY : Take care of your hair

Today you’ll have the chance to pamper your hair with a product I absolutely love: dry oil.
This miraculous, sparkly oil is one of my beauty essentials, mainly because you can do (almost) anything with it!
You can apply the EQ dry oil en masque sur les cheveux pour leur apporter force et brillance, en soin hydratant pour hâler légèrement le teint ou encore en massage pour profiter de ses vertus équilibrante et renforcer la barrière lipidique de notre peau… En bref, elle sublime notre beauté au quotidien !

huile merveilleuse

THURSDAY : Yoga time

Practice 5 sun salutations and link a few yoga poses

Sun salutation by HappynGood

For more details on the sun salutation steps, go to our firt week of challenge.
Week 1: EQ Spring Health Challenge

posture yoga

FRIDAY : Let’s carry on the challenge with a kitchen detox !

The fuller our cupboards our, the less we find what we need, and the less we know what to eat… and let’s not forget food has a much bigger chance of spoiling, and ending up in the bin.
So to make room in the cupboards, avoid waste and to make sure our food is the most nourishing it can possibly be, it’s time for a kitchen detox!
If you only have good things in your cupboards and in the fridge, it’ll be even easier to keep following a healthy and balanced diet.

1 – Start by completely emptying your food cupboards

2 – Clean the shelves

3 – Start sorting!
Sort your food into three categories:

  • Out-of-date produce.
  • Good, healthy food.
  • Produce that you think is unhealthy or unusable.

4 – Throw out expired goods.

5 – Rearrange the healthy food in your cupboards.
From now on, always keep your glass jars that you may have been throwing out (e.g. jars of jam, mustard pots, etc.) Wash them and put food in them so you can try and limit the amount of plastic in your cupboards.
Buy as much as you can in bulk.

6 – It’s up to you what you prefer to do with the produce you think is unhealthy, or won’t be useful. You could always donate it – and promise yourself to never buy it again!
You’re making a healthy choice for your family, doing something good for the environment as well as avoiding unnecessary consumption – and it’s as good for your wallet as it is for your health!

7 – You can also start sorting out the cupboard under the sink.
Throw out all the harsh chemical products you can find (cleaning products, for example). They’re neither good for your health nor sustainable for the environment.
Replace them with natural cleaning products such as white vinegar or lemon.

8 – Get rid of Tupperware, plastic kitchen utensils, silicon plates that contain Bisphenol A and phthalates.
Instead use stainless steel containers (bowls and pans) and high-quality materials to cook with (wood, Pyrex and ceramic).

rangement frigo

SATURDAY : Prepare a zen atomsphere

Chanoyu, the tea ceremony, is a Zen Buddhist tradition originating in Japan.
It involves preparing green tea, which comes from a beautiful green powder (matcha) that has strong healing properties. The monks used this moment as a ritual that encouraged calm and meditation. This rite was then excessively refined by a Master of Tea, under the orders of the Emperor.
From then on, the ceremony reached the height of perfection, and became an essential tradition in Japanese culture.
Travel to the land of the rising sun, and invite your friends to share a Zen moment in an atmosphere perfumed by wood with the EQ perfume oils around a delicious cup of tea with truly amazing historic properties.

huile de parfum EQ

SUNDAY : Chill out

Organise a day out in nature with your friends, partner or children! Whether you travel to the forest, mountains, seaside or take a boat trip, you still need to think about protecting your skin from the sun. To try our utmost to get a tan, we try and make the most of every ray of sun that spring offers us. But if you want a beautiful bronzed glow that won’t harm your skin, think about using a Sunscreen SPF15.

crème solaire bio EQ

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