WEEK 2 : EQ Spring Health Challenge

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Week 2 : EQ Spring Health Challenge by HappynGood

Let’s discover our second week of the EQ Spring Health Challenge by HappynGood

MONDAY : Wake you up early

Wake up half an hour early, drink a large glass of room temperature water, and get some air into the room by opening the windows.
Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down one (or several) positive thoughts or your personal goals for the week.
Sit down in a tailor pose – or the lotus pose for the more flexible amongst you – and read out your thoughts three times in a loud voice.
Then smile and start your day!
You can also light a candle or natural incense from Costa Rica, for a meditation session fragranced with patchouli, bamboo, water lilies and peaches.

TUESDAY : Start a detox treatment

Skinny detox teatox

Start out with the ‘skinny detox’ tea treatment.

This mix of ‘good morning’ plants, with Goji berries, Sencha green tea and Yerba Maté, is perfect for waking up your body thanks to its antioxidant, detoxifying and invigorating qualities. Certified as organic, without fragrances or additives, this revitalising tea is just the helping hand you need to get rid of toxins accumulated over the winter.

Find out the Teatox products at the concept store EQ in Biarritz, France, or on their website at Teatox.fr


WEDNESDAY : Take care of your skin with this DIY

Exfoliate your skin with simple, organic ingredients. You can easily prepare a honey, lemon and sugar exfoliator in just one minute


1. In a small bowl, mix 2g of honey and 1g of sugar with a dash of lemon juice.
2. Apply onto the face as soon as possible, massaging gently. Concentrate especially on the area around the nose.
3. Leave for one minute and rinse off with lukewarm water.
4. Apply some moisturising milk.

The EQ after sun milk, fragranced with a fig and coconut scent, has been classed as organic by ECOCERT®. It also soothes and hydrates the skin while simultaneously providing an immediate feeling of comfort and freshness.
It’s perfect after an 100% natural exfoliator!

DIY organic scrub

Both exfoliating and hydrating, it’s great for combination and oily skin which, due to an excess of sebum, means skin doesn’t always get the moisture it needs. Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, honey boasts many antioxidant and regenerative qualities. It’s not in the slightest bit irritating either, which means it’s ideal for sensitive and problem skin.
If you have very dry skin, try adding a few drops of sweet almond oil or rose hip oil.
If you have mild acne, replace the lemon juice with a drop of tea tree oil.

THURSDAY : Let’s do some exercises

Before being able to do some of the most spectacular poses in yoga, there’s a bit of work to do… namely to do with flexibility! It doesn’t matter whether you’re already experienced with yoga or not: if you don’t want to lose suppleness and your muscles to stiffen, it’s good to do a few flexibility exercises on a regular basis.
Here are three poses that you could try out today :

yoga pose

1 – Legs stretched out and hip width apart, feet parallel, lean forward from the chest while keeping your back straight, and stretch out your arms backwards while crossing your hands. Do the same thing with your feet but pivot so the leg that was behind is now in front.

yoga pose

2– With your feet together, lean your chest forward and grab your ankles. Stretch your lower back as by pressing your forehead to your knees.

yoga pose

3 – In a sitting position, one leg stretched out and the other tucked underneath you, grab your feet or your ankles and lift your leg towards your forehead, without moving your pelvis and stretching out your back.

FRIDAY : Zero waste objective

Don’t buy any pre-packaged food, buy loose goods instead!
Unless you don’t have the choice, choose biodegradable (paper, cardboard) or recyclable packaging (glass, metal, milk cartons) more than plastic, and make sure you look at the labels for the ‘NF Environment’ or the European Ecolabel, for instance. Think about bringing a bag or a basket when you’re out shopping.

organic legume fruit

SATURDAY : We cook healthy food

Take the time to make delicious dishes and healthy smoothies that are great for your health and your waistline!
Here’s an idea for a light lunch, healthy and packed full of energy!

TeaTox Smoothie – Avocado toast & Citrus fruits

Ingredients :

  • 1g coconut sugar
  • 1g matcha tea Teatox
  • 100g soft tofu
  • 20ml plant milk (rice, almond or coconut)
  • Mint leaves

Mix the ingredients in a blender until the mixture turns creamy.

This smoothie is perfect with an orange and some avocado toast, sprinkled with seeds (chia, sesame and flax) and seasoned with lemon!

TeaTox Smoothie

SUNDAY : Get planty of rest !

Sunday is the perfect day to relax, review your week and start to prepare for the next one.
Today is ideal for spending just 15 minutes meditating mindfully. Make the most of this time to examine your inner self.
Adopt a positive way of thinking, let go and let the images, thoughts and emotions run through your head without letting them linger.
With time, this practice opens the doors to the spirit and allows you to realise that all the thoughts that assault us on a daily basis are often irrelevant and full of nonsense.
Your pulse will slow down, and your spirit will become calmer.

1 – Start by breathing out through your nose for 8 seconds.After you’re done, your abdomen is almost as hard as concrete!
2 – Stay blank for 2-3 seconds.
3 – Then, always through the nose, inhale for 5 seconds to inflate your tummy, your ribcage and your sternum. Don’t inhale as much air as you can, only use 70% of your lung capacity (otherwise if you inhale too much oxygen you’ll get light-headed).
4 – Keep your lungs full for 2-3 seconds.
5 – Exhale again for 8 seconds.
Repeat ten times.

yoga pose meditation
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