Travel Diary from a mountain lover, Katia Griffiths

Travel | 2015-02-25 09:33:26

Travel Diary from a mountain lover, Katia Griffiths

The beautiful Spanish Katia Griffiths, right after her stay in Switzerland in the famous resort of St Moritz, took the time to share her first impressions with EQ.

Katia Griffiths travel diary
At EQ, we are inspired by people living their dreams, and expressing their passions for a sport, an art or even a cause that fuel their days.
This year we have been lucky enough to catch up with one of our favorite freestyle skier, beautiful Spanish Katia Griffiths right after her stay in Switzerland in the famous resort of St Moritz.
Katia took the time to share her first impressions on her first winter trip of the year in Europe.
Katia is also giving us some local tips if you are planning on going around the same spot for few winters rides!

« It’s been a slow start to winter this year and most places in Europe have been hurting for snow. I was lucky to get invited on a short trip to St Moritz early season, probably one of the only places that had gotten some snow early on.

St Moritz is gorgeous and definitely one of my favorite spots in Switzerland, just getting there in the first place is an activity worth doing. From Zurich, a railway runs to Chur, where the Bernina Express train winds its way up the Swiss Alps in the most scenic rail journey.

In the Engadin Valley close to the Italian border, it’s divided in three areas, Corvatch being the area with best freeriding and some excellent hike to terrain.»

«Driving from the town to Covatch takes you past the stunning lake, which freezes over in winter and almost always puts on an amazing show both at sunrise and sunset.»

«Still hurting for snow early season we headed up to Piz Palü und Piz Bernina, both a short flight from Engadin airport. Although after a couple of days of sun and wind the snow was a little sketchy and crusty, making our way down we still managed to find some sweet spots and the views definitely made up for the conditions.»

«Thanks to Kjus and Helibernina for a great couple of days to start the season»

Where to stay:

« St Moritz town is known for its ambience, its a mix of an alpine village and a mini city, with pleanty of bars, resaturants and expensive shopping.
We stayed at the schweizerhof hotel, which is located right in the town center, it’s a short walk from the Chantarella funicular and has amazing views over the lake.»

Apres ski:

«After a day on the mountain the best stop is Hanselmann’s, for the best Swiss hot chocolate and apple pie in town
Otherwise there are many bars and clubs in town; Bobby’s has an English pub feel and then there’s The Cascade Bar for cocktails.»

Beauty ski routine:

When subjected to the cold and wind, your skin needs specific protection to respect and nourish it, even when you cannot feel the direct effects of the sun.
It was then the perfect opportunity for Katia to try and adopt our new EQ Evoa Combi-stick that protects you and respects the water cycle, from the mountains to the ocean.

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