The TRUE and the FALSE about ORGANIC

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The TRUE and the FALSE about ORGANIC

EQ clarifies the use of organic designation and their signification to make sure to choose the right products.


Eco-friendly products, eco-efficient products, natural products…

The cosmetics industry is always boasting about its products, each one better than the last for our health and the planet.

Are they marketing arguments or real benefits? EQ will help you to find your way more clearly through the jungle of pseudo-natural cosmetics.

The TRUE and the FALSE about ORGANIC
An ORGANIC cosmetic contains ingredients that respect the environment.

TRUE. An ORGANIC cosmetic is a natural cosmetic whose ingredients come from renewable resources and are manufactured using processes that respect the environment.

An ORGANIC cosmetic doesn’t necessarily have a label of official certification.

FALSE. If you want to be able to recognise an organic product easily, you can look on the packaging. The product will be certified ORGANIC if, and only if, it belongs to a certifying body and has one of their labels on it.

All organic official labels

An ORGANIC cosmetic can contain any ingredient at all.

FALSE. ECOCERT®, an organisation which uses the COSMEBIO® label on products, is very demanding about the selection of the raw materials used and the types of ingredients and preservatives that are authorised. Each formula has to adhere to a precise specification.

ORGANIC products are produced from renewable resources manufactured using processes that respect the environment.
So, no GMO, no parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no silicone, no PEG, no synthetic perfumes or colourants, and even less nanoparticles (particles so small that they can pass through the skin, penetrate the blood stream, and, depending on the molecules used, have undesirable effects). And, of course, no animal based ingredients (except those produced naturally by them: honey, milk…) can be used.

Having the words « paraben free » on the product is not a sufficient guarantee that it doesn’t have an impact on our health or the environment. Often, other preservatives, less well known than paraben but just as harmful, are added to the formula. You have to learn how to read the list of ingredients, or how to identify the logos of the certifying bodies. (ECOCERT)

organic sunscreen spf30

An ORGANIC cosmetic must contain at least a minimum level of natural ingredients.

TRUE. ORGANIC cosmetic products must have a minimum level of natural, organically farmed ingredients in them in order to be certified.
In any case, 95% of the total ingredients must be natural or of a natural origin.

Be careful! Some cosmetics brands claim their products are ORGANIC but it’s not always true!
Often only a minority of the percentage of products in the formula is natural, or there are no requirements about the organic origin of the ingredients.

EQ colored sun stick contains mineral sun filters

EQ’s sun care range is certified by an official body.

TRUE. EQ’s sun care range is 100% natural origin. The formulas are certified by ECOCERT® and carry the COSMEBIO® label. They contain ingredients carefully selected by EQ’s team for their beneficial effects on the skin and lack of harm to the environment.

Sun care products don’t harm the environment.

FALSE. Chemical filters in sun creams are dispersed in water and are extremely polluting in the aquatic environment. They cause whitening and coral death in less than 48 hours. Rapid expansion of tourism in coral regions is a real menace for coral, a uniquely rich ecosystem which helps preserve the biodiversity of the seas and oceans.

EQ’s sun care products also pollute the oceans.

FALSE. EQ’s sun care products are designed to fight against the destruction of coral reefs and the marine environment.
More than just a sun cream, our range is 100% natural in origin. It only contains mineral sun filters and is certified COSMEBIO® by ECOCERT®. Free of parabens, chemical filters, endocrine disruptors, and PEG, it has no impact on coral or the marine environment. The result of scientific research, EQ’s whole range has been developed under dermatological control to give you the best of its ingredients.

Most sun care products sold on the market are not only harmful for coral and sea life but are also harmful to the health. By choosing EQ you are choosing a mineral based sun protection product that is beneficial for the whole family.

EQ Sun care range certified organic by ECOCERT®, labelled COSMEBIO®


organic sunscreen spf50


organic sunscreen spf30


organic sunscreen spf15


combistick sunscreen spf50 & stick spf50+


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