The EQ X Albertine collaboration for Life is rose

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Biarritz My Love

When these 2 Biarritz brands got together to support a good cause, the result was a candle with intoxicating marine notes in a beautiful pink case…


Fondatrices Albertine

Albertine is the story of two sisters who were passionate about fabrics – and one fine day, they decided to create their own line of original and daring swimsuits!
It was the logical next step for their family history, as they grew up between the lace, tucks and rustles of the lingerie created by their grandfather Albert, the founder of a corsetry and hosiery factory.
Albertine was born from their childhood memories and their future ambitions. The Albertine woman is eclectic, but above all, free and uninhibited – she’s stylish whether she’s walking down the street or gazing at the blue of the ocean.

EQ and Albertine

There are many similarities between Albertine and EQ. Two brands originating from Biarritz, the two shops aren’t even located far from each other. They both emphasise quality products, which reflect the lifestyle and ethos of the Basque coast, which are also made in France – and the two brands also take special care with regard to aesthetics.

When EQ wanted to launch a new candle dedicated to Biarritz, creating it with Albertine was a must. After a few months of development, «  Biarritz my love » was born. Its fragrance, reminiscent of both the ocean and the woods, is an ode to this seaside city and its unique atmosphere – halfway between city buzz and surfing chic.

We wanted this product to benefit a local charity that helps support people with cancer. We already knew about Life is rose, as this charity is very active in the South-West of France, especially through the famous ‘ « La Biarrose » . We met Nathalie Savariaud , who convinced us all to support the great work this charity does.

Anémone’s thoughts, the co-founder of Albertine:

Because I’m well-placed to talk about it,
Because I’ve been lucky to be so loved,
Because asking for help is a sign of strength,
And today, being able to give it is an amazing opportunity.
We created this candle with the EQ team because we wanted to participate…
Help is healing!

Life is rose logo

Founded in Biarritz, the charity’s main goal is to fight against financial instability caused by cancer.

Its founder, Nathalie Laouti-Savariaud, was herself struck by this illness in 2012. She discovered that most patients struggle to work, provide for themselves and borrow. « While I was fighting for my life, I never imagined that I would also have to fight to survive financially… This double punishment should never be ignored. »

Nathalie Laouti-Savariaud

Life is rose brings ‘emergency’ or ‘long term’ financial, material and administrative support to people affected by cancer, both during and after treatment.
The charity offers support adapted to each person’s individual situation (couple, family, children, single women, single men).


Inform : warn of and anticipate the financial risks that come as a consequence of cancer
Act : provide specific help adapted to each patient
Healing : helping people to find their feet
Insuring : Life is rose and their partners have created ASSUROSE, a borrower insurance dedicated to breast cancer.

For each candle sold, 5€ will be donated to Life is rose. This will go towards funding essential expenses (rent, food, childcare, palliative care, prosthetics, etc.) for people affected by cancer.

Biarritz my love natural scented candle

Biarritz my love is an invitation to discover the elegance of the city’s aristocratic past and to enjoy the marine and woody notes, inspired by the powerful elements of the basque coast.

Base note : Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Moss, Musk
Heart notes : Nutmeg, Cloves, Thyme, Ozonic accord
Head notes : Clary sage, Lemon, Bergamot Orange, Rosewood

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