Solidarity Surf in Liberia by Damien Castera

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Solidarity Surf in Liberia by Damien Castera

EQ is proud to support Damien’s magnificent project and is committing itself to his cause by putting in place a charity rounding-up process to benefit the crowdfunding campaign « Water Couriers // Liberia ».

Portrait Damien Castera

Damien Castera, a committed surfer and an explorer with a big heart, is not one of those who surf for glory.

He expresses his passion far away from the pro circuits, by travelling the planet in search of lonely regions as close as possible to nature.

His trips are often punctuated by documentaries, which he directs with verve and flair, and where surfing and immersion in the wilderness always go hand in hand. After Shaa Tlein « La grande montagne » with Arnaud Goupil and Rémi QUILICHINI, Odisea in tandem with Mathieu CREPEL and Kaleleo alongside Justine MAUVIN.

shaa Tlein

Damien is turning towards new horizons in the company of free-surfer Artur Bourbon. Their next documentary film project will take them to Liberia next June to tell the story of a small community in the north of the country that is trying to wipe out some of the trauma of the civil war through surfing.

Damien and Arthur will meet the members of the local association « Surf Resource Liberia » which uses surfing as a vehicle for development and personal growth. This association has set up a system allowing young people to borrow surfboards on condition that they attend school, participate in beach clean-ups and become responsible citizens.

surf resource libéria

« With Surf Resource Liberia, we will use surfing to offer a better life to the country’s youth, by instilling in them the concepts of peace, environmental and cultural responsibility. We teach children swimming, basic first aid and, of course, surfing. »

Enfant soldat

enfant soldat

Once there, they will participate in village life by offering free surfing courses. The main purpose of the trip is not to surf the country’s most beautiful wave but to share it with the very first generation of Liberia’s child surfers.





Their trip will also involve volunteer activity since Damien and Arthur participate in Waves for Water’s individual volunteering project called Clean Water Couriers. Waves for Water, whose mission is to provide access to safe drinking water to all who need it, is developing life-saving water filters.

Wave For Water

Derived from kidney dialysis technologies, these water filters use hollow fibre membranes.

They are composed of microscopic U-shaped tubes that allow water to eliminate bacteria (cholera, typhoid etc.). The 0.1 micron pores are so small that no bacteria, protozoa, or cysts can pass through them.

Easy to install and maintain, each filter can treat several million litres of water, and protect its users in the long term.

Damien and Arthur will use their visit to Liberia to distribute the maximum possible number of water filters to different public bodies (schools, hospitals, villages etc.).

filtre à eau

filtre à eau


filtre à eau

filtre à eau

Damien has launched a crowfunding campaign in collaboration with Waves For Water to finance the production of water filters:

« Because it’s not just about care, it’s all about love »

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