Our new product: l’Huile Merveilleuse Scintillante EQ, essential for a healthy glow!

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Our new product: l’Huile Merveilleuse Scintillante EQ, essential for a healthy glow!

Winter is in full swing and our skin, already tight and subject to external assaults that make it more fragile, starts to display the first signs of weakness.

The EQ organice Huile merveilleuse Scintillante, dry oil
We make the most of long periods after surfing or out in the snow cuddled up in thick jumpers, socks and extra-large hats, in front of a warm open fire, to take care of ourselves. EQ Love offers you a cocooning break with a rich and sparkling ritual, whilst waiting for sunny days to return with oru brand new Huile Merveileluse EQ.
Choose a quiet time of your day, switch the phone, and take some « me time », to pamper and treat yourself.

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The last stage of our refreshing, sparkling break, use our new Huile Merveilleuse Scintillante EQ. Made from naturally good plant oils, it is certified organic by the very strict organisation ECOCERT and labelled COSMEBIO, as are all the products in our EQ range.
This wonderful shimmering oil will illuminate your complexion thanks to its sparkling chestnut pearls with iridescent gold, of 100% natural origin.


Issue of scientific research , the range EQ is the first range of solar products certified non-toxic to the coral and the marine environment.

During its development the Huile Merveilleuse Scintillante was conceived on the same basis and developed under dermatologically control to ensure you a good tolerance and to give you the very best of its organic oils.
Our new oil will bring you a sublime tan by moisturising your skin daily whilst at the same time respecting the marine environment.

Our new Huile Merveilleuse Scintillante

Used daily as an after-sun treatment, thanks to its lovely, unique and non-greasy texture, it will allow you to regenerate your skin by nourishing and moisturising it.
The major new point of this product, l’Huile Merveilleuse Scintillante, is to enhance your complexion thanks to the use of tiny shimmering particles: icy chestnut and gold iridescent pigments.
Its exotic fragrance will evoke the feeling of summer. Its warm and sensual veil of woody and vanilla notes was conceived from patchouli essential oil with its regenerating properties, and vanilla oil with its relaxing properties, giving a feeling of well-being.
Thanks to our new Huile Merveilleuse Scintillante EQ we are able to offer you a new multi-purpose solution for your body, hair and face for a complete after-sun care.

When applied to your skin the Huile Merveilleuse Scintillante nourishes and gives your complexion a natural-looking shiny tan and a softer, moisturised feel.
It will become your best ally, helping you relax after a day by the sun, whether on the ski slopes or on the beach, as well as repairing your skin after exposure to the external factors that tighten and dry out our skin each day. Used at the end of the day before an evening out, or indeed as a massage oil, your skin will be enriched and you will feel radiant as your tan is prolonged. The skin will become bright and wonderfully nourished without being left with an oily finish, thanks to its high organic plant oil content.

Applied as a hair mask, its nourishing action will prevent the hair drying out whilst adding strength and shine. Even the driest and most unruly hair, after a long spell in the sun, will be protected and brought back to life after a quick application to the tips of the hair.
Finally, when applied to your face, the huile Merveilleuse Scintillante will leave a light moisturizer golden veil , source of well-being. The naturally tinted buriti oil reinforces your tan, enhanced by the shimmering pearls for a guaranteed healthy glow!

Live, Love, Care and Shine on !

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The EQ organice Huile merveilleuse Scintillante, dry oil

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