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Let go and escape with our pick of our top 5 favourite travel blogs – they’re a must-follow for all those starved of travel and adventure !

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The soft autumnal breeze blows across our morning routes, the yellowed leaves drift to the ground, and hats and scarves are already starting to feature in our wardrobes… Autumn is most definitely here, leaving a faint trace of summer nostalgia in its wake. Holiday dreams and longing to get away are taking up more and more space in our minds. So to you, passionate adventurer and traveller hesitating between two road trips or you, young dreamer looking to escape the everyday and plan your next trip – it’s the moment to let go and escape for a few minutes by discovering our 5 favourite travel blogs. Watch out – they’re a siren call to travellers !

1 duvet pour 2 : a couple, love and adventure !

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You can sum this blog up in three words – couple, love, adventure! Behind this blog are Amanda and Camille, two passionate travellers who have a marked taste for adventure. The story started with a conversation at a bar and a joint passion for travel – it was the start of many amazing trips and a life full of excitement! Both based in Bordeaux, they haven’t lost sight of their careers – Camille is the founder of the brand Someoneshoes and Amanda is a lawyer. In their spare time, they cross seas and continents, both by boat and on foot. From the arid landscapes of the Las Bardenas desert to mythical nights in Iceland passing through the icy waters of Greenland, and the vertiginous mountains of Montenegro, they are determined to explore each milimetre of every country, and nothing and noone can quench their thirst for adventure.

« Discovering a mutual love for travel with a conversation in a bar, finding each other on the same continent at the same moment and ending up getting together – that’s the start of this beautiful adventure! »

Their blog makes us dream, inspires us and makes us want to do one thing – buy a plane ticket, destination unknown !

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Effetmertravelers : The travel diary inspiring your road trips

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Effetmertravelers is a beautiful mish-mash of snapshots from daily life, design and (of course) travel. We love their practical advice, their travel stories and their authentic content. Our two travel aficionados, Perrine and Maxime, met in the Basque Country, Spain, and haven’t stopped having adventures left, right and centre. Between road trips and their careers, their goal is to live their dream by embarking on a round-the-world trip. Currently in India, deep in the Tadoba national park, they say :

«After hours of tracking the famous tigers, we came back empty-handed but still hopeful! The experience is so intense – from the start you’re desperate to see them appear, but you’re completely vulnerable. The 4×4 is completely open… it’s the law of the jungle, maybe next time!»

We’re waiting impatiently to discover their next destination… Stay tuned!

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Hellolaroux : The Odyssey 2.0

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Are you dreaming of Montréal? Of discovering cool hipster cafés in Ottawa, of losing yourself in the streets of Toronto? Set off on an odyssey in Hellolaroux’s blog – meet Benjamin and Amélie, two loved-up backpackers who have relocated to Canada. You’ll love their adventures, ther city guides, their hikes and the little slices of life they delicately share. But Hellolaroux isn’t just a travel blog, it’s also a reflection about subjects which are especially important to us: ecology and the environment. We love them for their pure, unspoiled world which inspires us, their daring lives which transport us and their passion that amazes us.

«Nature is so beautiful at sunset, we can’t stop staring. We let ourselves be soothed by the last cries of the flamingoes, the rays that light up our cheeks, the view from the window of our Renault Zoé. It’s like watching a film or a band playing over and over, that we still always watch to the end.»

Convinced? We are!

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Sunshinesstories : A perfect mix of surfing and yoga, just how you like it !

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This blog isn’t really a blog at all. It’s a story. A destiny. A life. In fact, it’s the life of Peter and Linn, two passionate surfers who left to discover the world in search of the best and most beautiful waves. They started in South Africa, but then went on to Indonesia, Thailand, South America and countless other places! Their blog tells of all the different encounters they’ve had during their trips, the people who have left their mark. Sunshinesstories is the story of these inspiring people, who are living their ocean dreams. Today the blog still exists, but it has evolved into its own concept, where everyone is welcome to live out the SA Sunshine Story. In the middle of a Sri Lankan palm forest, you can find the Sunshinesstories lifestyle retreat. It’s a real-life adventure mixing yoga, surfing and local food.

“it’s not just a surf camp.
it’s not just a yoga retreat.
it’s a sunshinestories retreat.”

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Bestjobers : Inspired by nature

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This blog wasn’t voted the best travel blog of 2017 for nothing! You might remember the marketing campaign launched by Tourism Australia which offered the best job in the world to one lucky person: to be paid to travel around Australia and share all their adventures along the way. It’s a good thing it was Elisa, after a heated competition, who snagged the job. Accompanied by her friend Max, they decided to drop everything and throw themselves into the adventure. So after a year in the land of kangaroos, going back to normal life seemed unthinkable. They decided to capitalise on the crazy adventure they’d had and continued to travel, offering their skills to the tourism industry. So if you’re on the lookout for tips, advice, and destination ideas, or if you want to be reassured about this itinerary or that one – don’t look further, you’ll find your answer on their blog !

«We want to inspire you – rather than wasting time reading an article, what could be better than using photos? If Instagram (our fave network) is so incredibly popular, it must mean that people want to see photos, photos, photos. No more never-ending articles and posts, here you’ll only find essential advice and plans.»

It’s a blog that makes us want to drop everything and book our next trip!

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