Kyllian’s Travel Diary for Costa Rica – 1st Part

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Kyllian’s Travel Diary for Costa Rica – 1st Part

This month, we met up with Kyllian Guérin, our ambassador, live from Costa Rica, his second home, where he spends his winter seasons in the sun.

Kyllian's travel diary in Costa Rica part 1
Through this travel diary, Kyllian, our young surfer and globetrotter, looking for the best waves around the world, gives us his impressions and habits on this beautiful country that is Costa Rica and his definition of “ Pura Vida “!

Where are you at the moment and why?

I have been in Costa Rica for a month now, on the Pacific coast, between mal pais/ santa Teresa and Jaco. I’m going to spend Christmas there and return to France at the beginning of January.

Tell us about the beginning of your trip and your impressions on this return to your homeland.

My little brother, my father and I arrived at the beginning of November. I hadn’t been back to Costa Rica for more than a year and a half. I admit that I had really missed the place. I have loads of friends here who were very happy to see me again. During the first week, everyone that I crossed was happy to see me, talking to me about the photos that I had posted and what I had experienced. . It’s so good to feel a little bite like at home when you arrive to the other side of the world, because Costa rica is really my country and my brother a little « Tico ». Then there are manoeuvring waves all the time, the water is warm and its great to be able to surf quietly. There’s no doubt it’s the Pura vida



Kyllian's roller in costa rica

What is your favourite surfing spot in here?

I adore Salsa brava on the Caribbean side, it’s a reef break that is very powerful, but we haven’t been there yet. Otherwise, my favourite spot is at home, at Santa teresa. Beach breaks are fantastic and ideal for working on manoeuvres and airs. And if there’s a southern swell, the reef on the Mal Pais side, begins to work out. What more can I ask for!

…and what’s been your favourite surf session on this trip?

I have had lots of very good surf with loads of good bolus’ at LLora, since my arrival. Perfect for working on manoeuvres and carves. We also went to Jaco, where I surfed Esterillo, it was crazy, I was on my own in the water, with loads of barrels everywhere. The only hiccup is that I was perhaps a little too lonely, thinking about crocodiles, that are sometimes found at the exits of Rio!

Local surf class with Kyllian

What culinary speciality would you advise when visiting this country?

The « Gallo pinto » , which is the country’s speciality; there’s nothing better after a morning surf. Not very good for your diet, but so good.

Do you have any eco-responsible advice to give us? Tell us about something that meant a lot to you at the beginning of your trip.

Costa Rica is a little paradise, there are a lot of animals everywhere, so we are very close to nature. I see little monkeys everyday. We must protect this little paradise by not leaving anything behind us on the beach, for example.
It’s a country where surfing is very present and is also an excellent means for helping young people survive.
The other day, I was asked to spend the day with orphans, to help them discover surfing. It was wonderful to see them so happy, these youngsters who are not lucky enough to have a mother and father like me. We had loads of fun, I pushed them along the waves, then we took some together. That day, it was as if they had a family, too…
See you in a month to find out more about our trip …

Kyllian eating local food from Costa RIca: Gallo Pinto
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