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Incense by EQ – Ritual and origin over time

Discover the benefits of incense and its origin.


The story of Incense

Burning incense is an ancient universal ritual. Throughout the world, man has burned incense for honouring the gods, raising consciousness and healing. Egyptians burn Kyphi to honour the god Re, the Catholic church offers incense to God as a tangible form of devotion, the Maya burn Copal to chase away evil spirits and buddhists use it to meditate.
Moreover, incense smoke symbolically conveys prayers to Heaven. It links man to the divine, the finite to the infinite, mortality to immortality.

How does it work?

When you burn incense, aromatic molecules are released by the heat and diffused. On reaching the nose, they trigger a signal that the olfactory nerve sends straight to the limbic area of the brain where emotions are controlled. Depending on the fragrance you feel calm or, conversely, energised.

Rituals from around the world

In Ancient Egypt oliban was used to cure lung and liver ailments.In India even street beggars have incense sticks for their worship. In Japan, different incense is used depending on the seasons. North Africans use incense in many daily acts: to honour guests, bring good luck or to purify a place or a person… It has become essential for the Balinese or the Indians to define those times of the day devoted to spirituality, a vehicle for reconnecting with the Divine.


Keep relaxing…

Whether it be sticks, cones or powder, incense remains a firm favourite for times of relaxation. Also perfect for your yoga practice or for relaxing in front of the fire.

EQ’s natural incense collection

Our collection of naturally fragranced EQ incense is an ode to travel, to the awakening of the senses and to a feeling of well-being around the mythical destinations that have created the brand history. It is crafted in France from natural components: vegetable binder, steamed bamboo shoots, without pesticides, artificial colours or chemical adhesives. Discover Muli Maldives and Malpais Costa Rica incense for an unrivalled olfactory awakening and a moment of well-being at any time of day.

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