How do you keep your « healthy » routine when you’re travelling?

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How do you keep your « healthy » routine when you’re travelling?

Find all tips from Clothilde and EQ Team to maintain a healthy lifestyle while travelling!

Travelling, how lucky! Being able to escape your daily routine, whether travelling on business or for pleasure, is always exciting. But it’s sometimes difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re far away from your everyday routine. The temptation to let things slide, not doing sports and eating anything and everything, is often even stronger as you can’t get hold of your usual food products.

Clotilde Chaumet, a yoga teacher and life coach, extraordinaire globe-trotter, travels across the planet to share and talk about her passion.
Follow Clotilde and the EQ team’s advice on keeping a healthy routine even on the other side of the world.

1. Listen to your body!

“It is often hard to keep to your usual routine due to changing time zones and plane journeys.”

If it’s a one-off trip you’re taking, you can try to stick to french time or to the time zone at your destination during the flight. It’s more complicated if you travel a lot. In which case, simply listen to your body.
Eat when you’re hungry during the flight or otherwise. And sleep when you feel tired. And the same applies to your return journey.
Listen to your body! Your body knows where its at, so trust it.

2. Stay hydrated!

“I always bring a lemon and Cayenne pepper with me. The air stewards often give me a strange look when I ask them for a glass of water and a knife.”

During a flight we dehydrate enormously. Drink plenty of water and, as Clotilde says, think about taking a lemon and some Cayenne pepper with you on long haul flights. Put them in a glass of hot water to produce an excellent, hydrating drink which also boosts the digestive system and helps to prevent your blood acidity levels rising. Plus it’s natural and refreshing!
Keep yourself well hydrated throughout the flight and eat a little at a time so you don’t overwork your digestive system. You’ll feel much better and less heavy by the end of the flight.

3. Make the most of your trip!

“When I’m abroad, my practical routine doesn’t change much from when I’m in France but I like to enjoy myself and go out and about. When I was in Santa Barbara, Sundays would be spent surfing in the morning followed by a glass of Californian wine and listening to music in a typical American venue. My well-being benefited hugely from my surroundings and the fact I was with people I liked.”

Listen to your body and continue to eat fresh and healthy food.
Don’t forget that your well-being depends just as much on your mind feeling good. You’re on holiday, you’re there to have a good time! Don’t deprive yourself of everything. The trick is not to overindulge.
If you’re on a business trip, you can also learn ways to relax. Take a break at the end of the working day and step out for some fresh air, go for a drink or go out to eat in a good restaurant.



4. Eat locally!

“I’m often in California and there’s a huge range of « health food » restaurants ». In Cuba, most foods are organic due to, or thanks to, goods embargoes so there are no pesticides used on the island. So I eat a lot of fruit and drink coconut juice. It’s the same in India and their vegetarian dishes are delicious!
I love to mix with the locals. You’ll never catch me looking for a French restaurant outside of France.”

When you’re abroad, eat locally so you can learn more about the food and culture of the country. This won’t stop you from eating healthily and you can choose the freshest of dishes.

5. Keep fit!

“When I’m not in Paris I do an enormous amount of yoga, (Ashtanga and Viniyasa) and if I’m in the U.S. I also go to the cycling gym, Soul Cycle.
When I’m away, I love to go running to explore the area, and as soon as I’m near the ocean I go surfing and do SupYoga! If I’m in the mountains and the snow is good I go snowboarding!”

If you get the chance, make a bit of time for sport when you’re abroad. It’s always good for emptying your mind and ordering your thoughts. Go for a run, take long walks or go hiking to explore new landscapes surrounding you.
A little yoga before bedtime will help you both relax and sleep better after a long day of meetings.

6. Choose simple exercises!

“I generally do yoga! Sometimes I only do a few stretches but it’s still great for your body. If you’re looking for something different, try some bodyweight exercises to create a short but intensive training programme such as squats, press-ups, triceps and even some skipping if you’ve got the space. Finally, something different but just as good, I do breathing and meditation exercises!
But don’t stay cooped up in your hotel room, get out to do exercise. Try out a local yoga centre and meet people who share your interests!”

Yoga is very practical when you’re abroad. You don’t need any special equipment, simply a yoga travel mat. Take some time for yourself to relax. Why not try some meditation exercises.
And as Clotilde says, you’re abroad, make the most of it and go out to do some sport. You can do yoga on the beach, go running or why not try out a new sports club.

7. Practising yoga is simple!

“I love being upside down and balance poses.”

Choose simple poses that you can reproduce no matter where you are.
The tree, clamp and twisting pose are some examples of simple poses you can practise and don’t require much space. They’ll allow you to stretch out your whole body.

8. Remember to bring your essentials!

“I bring a little bag for make up and products as well as yoga books and other books that inspire me. When I’ve got space, I take my EQ yoga mat with me which is really comfortable yet light to carry.”

Remember when your packing, to bring everything you need that’s going to make you feel good. Take a hydration cream or oil with you to hydrate your skin even though you’re not at home. Think about taking essential oils that don’t take much space in your suitcase and might be good remedies to have on hand against the risk of illness during your trip.
Slip your yoga mat into your suitcase so you can practise yoga and meditation all over the world.

Photos credit: Clotilde Chaumet and Florent Gay

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