EQ Spring Health Challenge by HappynGood

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EQ Spring Health Challenge by HappynGood

Join the EQ team for the Spring Health Challenge. 1 month program with sports, health and beauty tips

EQ Spring Health Challenge
The changing of the seasons always messes up our bodies a little bit. But let’s face it – the arrival of spring isn’t the worst thing in the world – quite the opposite! The days are getting longer, the buds are getting ready to bloom and the air is getting warmer… it’s the perfect moment to rejuvenate yourself by integrating new habits into your daily routine that are sure to improve your well-being.
Let us guide you through this ‘Spring Health Challenge’, where we’ll give you tips to help you feel on top form, and look glowing to boot!

The program : on Monday we adopt a Zen ritual, on Tuesday we take a good habit on Wednesday we take care of our skin, we makes sport on Thursday, on Friday we acts for the environment, on Saturday we take time to cook healthy and Sunday we pampers ourselves.
It’s fresh, fun and healthy – you’ll absolutely love it!

WEEK 1 : Click here

WEEK 2 : Click here

WEEK 3 : Click here

WEEK 4 : Click here

by HappynGood

Beginning of the challenge on Monday 4th April for 4 weeks !

EQ spring health challenge

A Challenge by Julie from HappynGood

EQ joins Julie alias HappynGood, sports blogger 100% organic, a healthy and fun challenge for the arrival of spring, for a boost of energy and new daily wellness habits.

What is HappynGood?

HappynGood is a blog dedicated to nutrition, health, sport and well-being. Since January, we find good healthy advices on Julie’s app, pure-based wellness, vegan recipes, beauty tips and other tips that motivating each other.

Don’t forget to share your challenge on social media with by tagging #eqspringchallenge @eql0ve @happyngood.

There is a well-being pack to win every week for the best posts !

EQ spring health challenge

The challenge week by week

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