DIY: EQ Self-indulgent Scrubs

DIY | 2014-10-14 14:06:08

DIY: EQ Self-indulgent Scrubs

Discover our DIY recipe and EQ’s advices to make your own body scrubs!

Organic scrub DIY
The indian summer is at an end and it’s now time to repair any damage caused by a summer under the sun. Subjected to the heat, salty water or chlorine, your skin will definitely need a little help to regain its radiance and softness, with the help of a cocooning ritual, specially concocted by our EQ team.

Exfoliation is one of the most simple and efficient home rituals for taking care of yourself and regaining your baby skin.
The ORGANIC Huile Merveilleuse and the ORGANIC EQ After-sun Hydrating milk
are perfect bases for taking care of your skin all year around.
Discover how to use them as an exfoliating treatment to encourage new skin renewal and to regain a soft and radiant skin.


Identify your skin type (sensitive, normal to dry, dry to very dry)


Identify your needs (face or body exfoliant)

Choose the right ingredients depending your skin type


Choose the base and size of the exfoliating particles according to your skin type and area of the body to exfoliate following the table below:
Choose the right ingredients depending your skin type

Scrub with Huile merveilleuse scintillante and hazelnut powder
Pour the EQ Huile Merveilleuse or the ORGANIC EQ Hydrating milk into a bowl. Add your chosen ingredient according to your skin type (hazelnut powder sesame seeds, cane sugar or shredded coconut).

Mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon and eventually adjust the quantity of chosen powder according to your needs. Apply on the skin. Exfoliate for 2 to 3 minutes using circular movements and rinse with water. Your skin is now soft, nourished and hydrated in only a few minutes.
The good news is that your homemade formula is organic and respects the environment, you can therefore use and abuse this homemade and natural treatment throughout the year.

More information on l’Huile Merveilleuse BIO EQ :

The EQ Huile Merveilleuse can be applied on the skin as well as on hair to prevent dryness whilst adding strength and shine. It’s ideal after being exposed to the sun, to hydrate the skin and keep your tan.
100% Natural, Paraben and Preservative-free. Certified Ecocert and Cosmebio.

Huile Merveilleuse Scintillante bio EQ

More information on the Organic After-sun Moisturiser Milk EQ :

EQ After-sun Hydrating milk has been conceived for skin that has suffered damage and dehydration under the sun’s rays. It calms quickly, restructuring and hydrating the skin, whilst bringing an immediate sensation of freshness. Paraben and PEG free, non-allergenic, certified Ecocert and Cosmebio.

Lait après solaire hydratant BIO EQ

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