Discovering Tahitian Monoï Edelweiss

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Discovering Tahitian Monoï Edelweiss

A marriage of heat and cold, of sand and snow, of summer and winter: we wanted to tell you a bit more about this product with the mysterious name…

Originating from Polynesian tradition and combining the wonderful properties of Tahitian Monoï with the calming qualities of the Edelweiss flower, Tahitian Monoï Edelweiss is the embodiment of life in extreme conditions. An invitation to travel, it will allow you to discover the blue of the lagoons and the coral reefs of Tahiti while simultaneously scaling snowy Alpine peaks.

Tahitian Monoï

Tahitian Monoï

At the crossroads between ancient knowledge and new techniques in plant extraction, Tahitian Monoï is a wondrous oil that cares for skin and hair.
All at once a ritual oil, an ointment and a beauty secret, Monoï accompanies the Maohi people throughout their lives.
The first cosmetic whose authenticity and quality is guaranteed by an Appellation of Origin, Tahitian Monoï meets the specifications of a natural, ethical and active cosmetic. The AO label is obtained following a series of investigations initiated by the Monoï institute, aiming to recognise the unique qualities of the product and the links binding it to Polynesian traditions. It also guarantees the authenticity of Tahitian Monoï.

What’s in Tahitian Monoï Edelweiss ?

INCI Name : Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Gardenia Tahitensis Flower, Leontopodium Alpinum Flower Extract, Tocopherol.

Tahitian Tiaré

Tahitian Monoï

Symbolic of Tahiti and its islands, this shrub native to the Pacific Islands unveils a flower with a smooth, jasmine-scented fragrance, which encourages a calm exoticism. An amazing source of vitamins, it’s one of the major plants of the traditional pharmacopeia, the Ra’au Tahiti. Its purifying and calming properties are used in cosmetics with Tahitian Monoï.

  • Botanical name: Gardenia tahitensis
  • Family: Rubiacaea
  • Part of the plant used: fresh bud flower
  • Geographic zone : Tahiti
  • Name used : Tiaré, Gardenia, Mahoi…

Tahitian coconut

Tahitian Coconut

The tree of life, the coconut tree has nourished, sheltered and protected the populations of the South Pacific Islands for centuries. The pulp from the coconuts of Tahiti, harvested at the ‘ripe nut’ stage, is dried in the sun. Also called ‘coprah’, this dried pulp is pressed to extract an oil which will be refined before being used to make Monoï. It has a balanced composition of fatty acids which gives it a light and silky texture. Tahitian Monoï is exclusively made from coconuts harvested from the coral reefs of French Polynesia.

  • Botanical name : Cocos nucifera
  • Family: Arecaceae
  • Part of the plant used: dried kernels
  • Geographic zone: Polynesia, coral reefs
  • Names : Coconut, Coprah…



Star of the glacier, it’s the most famous flower of the mountains – but also one of the rarest and most fragile, symbolising purity and love. Its fluffy, felted flowers are covered in soft white fuzz which protects the plant from the harsh changes in temperature and limits evaporation in dry weather. In the Tyrol region, Edelweiss is traditionally offered as a bouquet to a future bride. Originating in Central Asia and having arrived in Europe more than 10,000 years ago, its variation to extreme changes in climate have given it advanced defence mechanisms, and numerous properties appreciated in traditional pharmacopoeia. Depending on the altitude at which it grows, its therapeutic qualities differ and become more powerful the higher up it grows. Organic growth at altitude is possible, on the condition that it respects a specific environment that is necessary for the proper development of the flower.

  • Botanical name : Leontopodium alpinum
  • Family : Asteracées
  • Part of the plan used : flower
  • Geographical zone: mountainous regions of Europe and Asia
  • Names used: Edelweiss, Star of the glaciers, Lion’s foot, Silver star, everlasting flower, starry cotton, Queen of the glaciers…

How do you make Tahitian Monoï Edelweiss ?

Obtaining Tahitian Monoi (AO) relies on the ancient knowledge of the Polynesian people, and respecting the traditional method of enfleurage of Tahitian Tiaré in Tahitian Coprah (coconut) oil.

The Tiaré flowers, harvested in isolated regions of Tahiti, are picked at the bud stage and used the day after they are picked. Introduced into the coprah oil, which is obtained by pressing the dried pulp, they are left for 12 days until the mixture has ripened.

Tiare Flower

    Tiare Flower

    After settling for 24 hours, the oily macerate is filtered, purified and enriched with a natural antioxidant, tocopherol.

    The Edelweiss flowers are also ground together with the Tahitian Monoi.

    The resulting oily extract is left to settle, then filtered, purified and stabilised by adding the antioxidant tocopherol.

The qualities of Tahitian Monoi Edelweiss


Monoï owes its nourishing qualities to the saturated fatty acids it’s full of. As a result, skin becomes nourished and much softer.

EQ products : Luminous nourishing cream Warm-up massage oilWarm-up toning gel


Monoï brings firmness and elasticity to the skin, as well as a smoothing effect. Moreover, edelweiss has exceptional anti-radical properties, which help improve skin’s firmness, but also have a high concentration of polyphenols, natural anti-oxidants which help in the fight against aging.

EQ products : Gentle body scrubWarm-up toning gel


Monoï is also recommended for repairing the skin after sun damage. In addition, the edelweiss flower boasts soothing properties.

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Apaisant et relaxant


Edelweiss has developed very efficient defences against the cold, wind, and blazing sun, because it’s faced with such an extreme climate. These properties are now used to help the skin, to help protect it from harsh weather.

EQ products : Protective cream with cold cream


Monoï tightens the keratinous scales, which allows it to protect and repair capillary fibres. It gives hair softness and shine, which also makes styling much easier. Damaged or dry hair can regain its vitality with Monoï !

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revitalize hair fiber tahitian monoi

EQ products with Tahitian Monoï Edelweiss

After sun care

KEEP GLOWING repair & protect hair serum

KEEP GLOWING repair & protect hair serum


Luminous nourishing cream


Gentle body scrub

Sports care


Warm-up massage oil


Warm-up toning gel


 Protective cream with Cold Cream


Cryo Relaxing gel


Sulfate-free shower shampoo


SOS soothing cream


Siberian balm

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