An interview with Justine Dupont in Ireland

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An interview with Justine Dupont in Ireland.

EQ LOVE interviewed Justine when she got back from Ireland where she made again new performance on big waves.

Justine Dupont in Irlande surfing Mullaghmore
Always looking for new challenges, last month Justine Dupont took on the Irish monster, Mullaghmore. A review of the young Frenchwoman’s new performance, which carved the respect and admiration of her peers.

Justine, how was the trip, if you had to compare it to your previous big surf experiences?

“Every big surf session is different, because each wave is special and requires a different approach. Mullaghmore is an awesome wave. Beginning the big wave season with a first swell on this wave was a real challenge. I was happy to get through it well and I ended up liking that wave. I was apprehensive when I arrived in Ireland and now I’d like to go back for even better waves!”


Tell us about…

Your last 5 minutes before going into the water:

During the pre-session, and especially during the last minutes of preparation, I am very concentrated. I make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.

Your best sensations of the day:

A tube at the end of the session. I found the same sensation I had two years ago on a right in Aleens. I felt like I was flying through the heart of the wave, I could feel all the power of the wave. It was awesome!

Your favourite moment:

I think it’s at the start of the session. I like to watch the first series of the new day. The adrenaline starts, and the first waves set the scene for a great day of surfing.

Your flip of the day:

My little moment of stress was when I has just come out of a wave that wasn’t very good and the next one was a lot bigger and came down on my head. I thought I could get through but I was dragged down to the bottom.

Your Irish evening after 9 hours in the water:

I’ve rarely felt so tired. I was exhausted. We all had a drink and looked at the photos and chatted about the day.


More generally, can you tell us about your approach to big surf:

What specific training did you set up this winter?

The biggest change this year was my apnea training. I train with the Biarritz Chasse Ocean club. It’s brilliant. I can feel the progression from session to session.

What do you think you can improve to achieve new performances in big surf?

I think I can improve everything. You can always improve your apnea, technique, experience, everything.

When did you realise that you wanted to ride big waves and add this experience to an already well-accomplished career? What was the spark?

At the beginning I was afraid of « big » waves. It became something I wanted to put off. I’ve finally started enjoying it in the last few years. I really love it.

What can re-motivate you in times of doubt, or when you lack motivation?

Perseverance. When I look back I realise that up to now I’m pretty proud of my career. That helps me look ahead.

What are your next challenges:

My next challenges are an invitation to a big wave competition in Mavericks, and I can’t wait for the winter swells on the French coasts.

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