Sunscreens kill coral and pollute the aquatic environment

Pr Danovaro, from the Marine Sciences Department of the University of Ancona, Italy, revealed the toxicity of sunscreens on coral reefs and the aquatic environment in 2008.

Sunscreens contain chemical filters and a mineral filter; zinc oxide, which are highly polluting for the aquatic environment, even at low concentration. When exposed to them, coral reefs turn white and die within 48 hours.

The rapid expansion of tourism in coastal and reef regions is a real threat for coral reefs, which represent a rich and unique ecosystem that shelters the rarest biodiversity of our seas and oceans.

Evoa protects you, the world’s coral reefs and respects the ocean

After two years of research in collaboration with the University of Ancona and Pr Danovaro, all the formulas of the Evoa products have been tested on site following an approved scientific protocol.

Evoa is the first sunscreen range in the world proven to be eco-compatible and scientifically approved for use in a coral reef.

Distributed globally, Evoa is a partner of the “1% For The Planet” program and the Surfrider Foundation. EQ donates a part of Evoa sales revenue to the repopulation of coral reefs in devastated areas. EQ commits to increasing awareness on the need to protect the marine ecosystem.